what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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16 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. What a beautiful sentiment and photo Deb. Ah yes, the anticipation of the unfolding flower or the fantastic fiftieth birthday party. I’m grateful for a relaxing Sunday evening though my weary eyes and sore mouth is going to send me to bed early I think. Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovely lady. Hugs xo

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    • Thanks Mims. I’m glad you were able to relax, I bet you are weary after Saturday night and having to deal with your sore tooth all day. I hope you are able to get it fixed soon. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here, blue sky, no clouds, birds at the feeder. The air is still a little chilly but it should warm up nicely. I will enjoy my day as you dream of enchanting things, my sweet friend. xo

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    • Sounds lovely Debs, hope you enjoyed all that blue sky and nature. I’ve woken up to a foggy and cold Monday morning and a very sore and (I think) infected mouth which feels as if someone’s punched me. I had a restless painful night and will be ringing the dentist as soon as they open to get an appointment. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my friend, hope you’re relaxing and continuing that pampering. Big hugs xo

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    • Oh Mims, I was afraid of that. I hope the dentist can see you right away and fix your tooth. There’s not much worse than a throbbing tooth, it makes you feel miserable! I sat outside for awhile this afternoon watching the birds and reading Brigid’s book. Oh and chasing the squirrel off the feeder, he thinks he’s a bird!! UGH. Well I hope you’re feeling much better real soon. I’ll send good vibes out to the Universe for your tooth. I’ll call in the tooth fairy ;-). Yes I’ve pampered myself today with relaxation, went for a walk too. So I really spent sometime outside today, which I want to continue to do as I don’t do enough of it. Big painfree hugs to you my dear friend xo

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    • Hey Deb, I’m just back from the dentist now. Thank God I was able to get an appointment this morning as the pain was so bad, it was like childbirth in my mouth! Unfortunately I’ll be going back a few times now as she’s started the process of a root canal by taking out the nerve. Lots of $$$ involved which I’m not happy about but for the moment I’m just so grateful to be relieved of that pain. Though it’s still throbbing from all the work she did. I’m a bit worried that the pain will come back!
      Your Sunday sounds so peaceful, how cute that you have a squirrel visiting. I’d love that. We have possums instead. Well, you enjoy the rest of your day Deb. Thanks for your good wishes my tooth fairy friend from across the ocean. Big hugs xo

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    • Oh thank goodness you were able to get in. I hope the pain has subsided by now. I’m sorry it’s a root canal and lots of $$$ but you don’t have a choice. Perhaps you’ll come into an unexpected windfall that will help with that. Visualize it. Wishing you a pain free evening. I’m off to start my day, blue skies again. Yeah the squirrel is cute but he eats all the bird food. Oh well. Big hugs xo


  2. Grateful for a good time sightseeing and good weather.

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  3. A lovely post, Deb with a beautiful sentiment…every day brings something new to bloom in our lives. Having had a day of planting flowers the photo matched my gardening mood! No buds on the roses yet alas.

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    • Thank you Annika, you are so right. Planting flowers can be hard work yet so rewarding and even though your roses have no buds yet…that’s one more thing to anticipate!! πŸ˜‰

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  4. I almost like buds better than fully opened roses. I see an analogy for life there. Getting there is joyful. Anticipation is enjoyable.

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  5. Thanks Deb for the Great Wish…. with all your wishes ….Oh my bud… Bloom…🌹

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