what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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35 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Today I am grateful to see a little bird nesting in my bird box. There are no sounds of little ones yet…

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  2. I agree. Sometimes it feels like trying too hard is like struggling against the tide, why bother? Yes, I’m with you Debs, there are times when it’s definitely good to chill. And that’s pretty much what I did today so that’s what I’m grateful for, a chance to slow down. Hope you get a chance to as well in your time away from work. Hope Wednesday is a much better day for you. Big hugs xo

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    • It so is, stopping fighting and struggling and just go with the flow. That was my attitude today and it worked well. Today was much better than yesterday! So happy to hear that your day was relaxing too. You’re ready to start your Thursday and I end my Wednesday. About to eat supper and relax…ahhhh! Wishing you a sensational Thursday!! Big hugs xo

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    • Ah, I should have read this comment first! I’m SO glad to hear you had a better day today. Going with the flow is sweats so much better And now you can relax and enjoy the rest of your evening while I think about lunch. Big hug to you too my friend xo

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    • Have a decadent lunch! Whatever that might be. It was just fun to put decadent!! hehe. It was soooo hot here today, it was 99 degrees, which is 37.222 Celsius…I googled it, that’s why it’s so precise! Anyways I’m off to bed…have a fabulous rest of your day. Do something small but that makes you really happy, like play your favorite song and dance to it!! Happy dance hugs to you my sweet friend. xo

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    • You’ll be asleep now while here, right now as I’m typing this, the sun is shining, I’ve eaten my chicken salad lunch, mowed the lawn and just had my dance. Oh yes I did! 💃 Hope you wake to a beautiful day (and slightly cooler temperatures) and sunshine smiles. Happy dance hugs xo

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    • Good morning Miri. I’m so pleased you took the time for you. Sounds like your day was a lovely one now turned into evening and relaxation time. It’s sunny this morning and already 70 degrees but I much prefer the warm temps to the cool. I will wear my sunshine smile all day as you wear your moonlight one. Have a wonderful rest of your evening my sweet friend. Happy dance hugs xo

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    • Ah, so true Deb. I’m now in wind down mode as you wake to your new day. Enjoy that sunshine and warm air, sounds positively wonderful. And good luck with the training. Have a great day. Big hugs dear friend xo

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    • And now I’m in my wind down mode as you awake to a new day! It was hot again today, I have the a/c on right now, but I love it! I started with my first step in training, I feel like I’m undercover or something as only I know my plan! HA. My day was decent and of course now it’s wonderful. I hope you have the most marvelous day today. Big hugs my gorgeous lady! xo

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    • Wonderful. From now on I’m going to call you Undercover Agent Deb, haha. Love it. Glad you had a decent day, I’m just about to head out and pick up some groceries for the weekend before the rain hits. Enjoy that warmth, mm sounds so nice Deb and have a lovely relaxing evening. Big hugs back gorgeous friend of mine xo

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    • Ooohhh I always thought I’d make a great detective, I love Undercover Agent!! Oh that just made me think of the song Secret Agent Man, do you remember that? I shall most definitely enjoy the warmth and my evening. Happy shopping and get something yummy to treat yourself with. Happy Hugs to you my sweet xo

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    • Oh I will indeed! I’m out the door now. Happy evening super sleuth Deb! Big happy hugs back xo

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  3. I’m going to NOT stress because I haven’t started packing yet! I will be busy the next two days and won’t be able to read your posts and then I will be away for a week. Good morning Deb! I hope you have a fabulous day today!! (HUGS!!)) xoxoxoxo

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  4. Very little Not today, but a good day anyway.

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  5. Deb,
    I agree – thankful for the little I spoke today. Sometimes quiet days are good. And mindful days. Where I mind my words and keep quiet and listen.
    And chill.
    A friend came to ask me what another colleague had talked about her before she arrived at the staff meeting. I am proud to say I didn’t say- much, until I was cornered.
    I liked the quiet too.


  6. I am grateful the storms passed through our area with minimal damage. And I am so grateful for the rain that ended up on my newly planted garden.

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  7. Not is such a naught we should tie it so tight.
    I just loved it, once in a while not is so naughty.

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