what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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24 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. I wish I could find one- the babbling is amazing and soothing. Thanks for sharing !
    I am grateful for a post on ” resentment” and how to deal with it that put things in perspective for me before I could do something rash.
    Resentment kills a fool and envy slays the simple.

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  2. It sure looks good Deb. This morning I am grateful to be joining a new yoga class with my sister. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. A lovely babbling that’s full of life. Thanks for sharing it’s beauty Deb. Well tonight I’m sitting here grateful that the numbness has finally left my mouth after my root canal treatment. It’s good to be home and I was even able to have some dinner, which Doug cooked tonight, lucky me! Today was such a beautiful sunny day and I relished sitting outside and soaking up its rays. Hope you wake to a peaceful Monday my super secret agent friend. Hugs and universe kisses xo ๐Ÿ’•

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    • Oh I’m so happy about your mouth, is it all done now? I sure hope so!! Well guess what I did, I manifested something. Tomorrow I was supposed to have jury duty. So I thought about they overbook the jurors and that when they look at the docket for Tuesday it’s going to be light and they are going to say they don’t need me. Well you call after 3:00 pm the day before (today) to see if you need to show up and when I called they said the need for me had been cancelled and that I did not need to show up! I did it!!! I made that happen. It’s fantastic. Now I need to keep practicing it making it happen to more simple and small things before I graduate to the big stuff!! Manifested hugs to you dear one! xoxo

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    • That is soooo awesome Deb. I’m very impressed that you were able to manifest that. Brilliant. I must put Abraham back on, she always helps me get inspired. So my dear lady, I wonder what you’ll manifest next.
      Hmm for me, well yesterday I was at the dentist as you know and had to make more appointments as I have another root canal to be done. It will cost a lot but I’m telling myself it’s good that it’s being done and that $$$ will be there when I need it. Every visit is one less and brings me closer to it being completely done.
      Today it’s windy here and I almost feel an urge to go out and stand in it embracing the changes that it’s bringing. I think I’ll do that after I finish this message.
      Yay for you not having to do jury service!! Woo hoo! Big manifested hugs to you lovely. xox

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    • It truly was amazing, I manifested the essence of how I would feel if it was cancelled, then I started stating general statements, that made sense and then I just truly believed it was going to be and it was. Oh yes you must go out and stand in the wind…I love doing that it’s such an amazing feeling!!! I was listening to Abraham this morning talk about how you reconcile with yourself something that is expensive and accept it so that you don’t come from a place of lack. Again starting general you see it as the cost must be one that is acceptable or it wouldn’t be at that price, and the you are contributing to the economy by paying that price, which in turn contributes to many facets, the education, the research, the salaries, etc etc and so on and you come to accept the price and embrace it and the money when then be there for you to afford it. I’ll find what I was listening to and send it. Have you heard about the bomb that went off in Manchester England at the end of an Ariana Grande concert a few hour ago? It’s sad that this stuff continues! Big wind in your hair hugs to you xoxo

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    • OMG I haven’t heard any news today, let alone about the bomb. I tend not to have the news on during the day. How awful. I’m sure I’ll hear all about it. Yes, very sad that this stuff continues. Just tragic and mindless.
      I’ve just come in from the wind. You know, it’s really interesting what you said about manifesting. Before I started my last job I manifested the same type of thing, I wrote down how I would feel walking in there, the office, the work, the people nearby …. the only thing I forgot to manifest was a good boss! Kinda weird hey? I’ll have to be more mindful next time.
      Yes, I would love to hear that one if you’re able to send it, thanks Deb.
      Off now to finish putting together my new Vision Board. Big hugs xo ๐Ÿ’•


    • I just found this in my trash!!! I don’t watch the news at all but my friend told me about it and then I did put the news on to see what happened.
      Ha, next time you should start with the nice boss part…isn’t that interesting though, so you manifested your job. So then manifest what you really want for a job. I will send you that YouTube video, I believe it’s 3 hours, it’s one of her seminars, but I find on the clock what time she/he starts to talk about it. It’s really good!! Hope your vision board is a reflection of all that you want and that you start to see it manifest. Big Vison hugs!! xoxo

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    • Ha, in your trash!! Well, I’m glad you pulled me out, haha. Yes you’re right Deb, next time I need to manifest a nice boss first. I’d love to watch that YouTube video, but just when you get a chance though, no rush. I can’t see myself applying for a job right now with our big trip less than five weeks away but I guess you never know. I hope everything’s well at your end. Big warm hugs to you lovely xo

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    • I just emailed you the link!! No I wouldn’t bother looking until you’re ready and maybe you might just start your own business!! Next Monday is a holiday here so I’ve decided to take Friday off and make it a 4 day weekend, really looking forward to it!! Big warm hugs back xoxo

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    • A four day long weekend … how nice, sounds wonderful and something to look forward to.
      Thanks again for the link. Should be interesting. Sweet dreams once more (though you’re probably already in slumber land). Love and hugs xo

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    • Yes I’m already creating it in my mind…four wonderful days to me!! I hope you enjoy it, I’m pretty sure you will, they’re always so fascinating. Love & hugs back xo

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    • So nice to look ahead and plan in your mind lots of wonderful things. Four days of bliss. Mmm, enjoy. xo โค๏ธ

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    • Yes it most definitely is! I will so enjoy, I’m already enjoying the idea of it! xo

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  4. Today I’m grateful for our overnight rain. It’s better for my flowers than city water. โ˜”

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    • Hope there’s more rain in the future for your flowers!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was talking to my parents tonight (they live in Florida) and it was pouring. They said they hadn’t had any rain since February!! My mom said now my dad didn’t have to water the azaleas. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. We’ve been enjoying lots of babbling brooks and rivers and lakes. Surrounded by water in fact. Lovely.

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