what are you grateful for ~ please share…

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22 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Yesterday we drove up to Lady Lake in The Villages. Tried out the new Turnpike interchange. Drove one exit past where we could have gotten off and backtracked across country. Have you ever been to Okahumpka? Got a Coke at RaceTrac. Ain’t exactly the woods, but it is what we had!

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    • Huh, how was the new Turnpike? I have never been to Okahumpka. I’ve been to Minneola, Orlando, Ocala, Daytona, New Smyrna, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, a few other places sightseeing, and my parents live in Lake Helen. I’m coming down in July for a week to visit them, then they’re flying back with me for two weeks up here, get away from that heat. I’ve seen signs for Lady Lake before though. I’d call that close enough to count as woods…hehe 😉 Have a beautiful Sunday.

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    • Let me set the scene… We have a Clermont address, Minneola zip code, and can see Montverde out the window. We’re not on GPS. We have a new interchange at Minneola that opened yesterday.
      Used to live 60 miles west of Dayton!

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    • Lol…well now that’s not confusing at all, HA! My Aunt & Uncle live in Minneola, they used to own a restaurant called the Village Inn.

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    • My friend knows everyone in Minneola. I’ll see if she remembers

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    • them. (It replied before I finished. lol)

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    • Lol. They bought it in the early 1970s and owned for a very long time.


  2. Today i am particularly grateful for the gift of resilience God has given me…there has been so much and so many thinga happening around and even in my own family and waking up with a smile every day is really a.struggle…but i always do…after all i am still blessed

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  3. What a beautiful picture! When you drove out to the country, did you have a picnic? A hotdog picnic? I imagine a drive out in the country in your area is beautiful, like the picture. Good morning Deb! I hope you have a stupendous day today! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxo

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  4. Oh yes, you’ve hit on my motto for life Deb. I love a good drive in the country. Strangely today we had the opposite come to us. A car came into the back paddock were we live and a carload of guys managed to get it stuck down the creek. Guess who ended up hauling them out!
    It’s been a busy nutty Sunday and I’ve barely had time to scratch myself, let alone do much reading. But I at least wanted to end my day saying hi to you. So hi and goodnight Deb! I hope your Sunday is just as magical as your Saturday. Tomorrow (Monday) is a public holiday here and my sister, brother and his family are all coming over for lunch so another busy day. Big hugs to you xo 💜

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    • Oh my goodness!! Uhhh let me guess YOU! Was there a chainsaw involved? Sounds like a fun, busy nutty Sunday…I think I see a post coming…hope you took pics before setting them free! I’m so glad you took a moment to say Hi, Hi! Well off to bed with you now and have some marvelous dreams and lots of rest as you have another busy day tomorrow! Have a marvelous time with your family. I’m watching Taylor Swift on my tv on YouTube and getting inspired. It’s another sunny warm day here and actually it’s going to be very warm for the next few days…heat wave! YAY. Sure I say that now, tomorrow I’ll be saying oh man it’s so hot!! hehe. Goodnight for now my sweet sassy sis!! Big hugs xo

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    • Oh you’re so sweet!
      Actually there was no chain saw needed today, hehe, poor guys looked a bit sheepish but all’s well that ends well. Yes, definitely good blog material but you’re right too about needn’t my rest, I’m of to bed now. I’m pooped!
      Enjoy all that beautiful sunshine music and warmth. Sounds wonderful. Big hugs and talk soon my sweet friend xo Muah 💕

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    • I certainly will. Nite nite!! MUAH!! xo


  5. What a drive and what a dish to have for lunch. It would be still more great to have someone beside of the same wavelength.

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  6. What a lovely way to spend the day Deb. I had a friend help me transform a lean to shed with a wonky door into a compost bin. He did a bit of digging for me too so I was very happy. 😊

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