Music in the Outback

My dear sweet lovely friend Miri of Out an’ About  took one of my poems and added her music and her beautiful voice to it. Take a listen below.   Thank you Miri, you are one fabulous singer, xo!!   She also recently was runner-up for Most Inspirational Blog in this year’s Blogger Bash Awards…in my opinion she’s always a winner!!  You can read the words to the song here 

Out an' About

We’re leaving this Sunday for our Central Australia outback trip and packing has begun in earnest.

There’s one thing that I’d like to take but I’ll probably leave behind and that’s my trusty guitar.

She came with me to the Flinders Ranges and I enjoyed playing a few tunes around the camp fire but I’ve decided this trip she can stay at home. She’ll be waiting for me.

What is it about music that makes me feel so good?

It relaxes me when I’m stressed, inspires me when I feel flat and gives me a kick arse boost of energy at Zumba when I need it.

I’m sure I’m not alone.

Who doesn’t love a good boogie?

Music has such power to alter our moods, to raise our spirits.

As a goodbye serenade I’m going to share a song, written originally as a poem by my lovely friend and inspiring…

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10 thoughts on “Music in the Outback

  1. Lovely rendetion of your song…

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  2. Whoa, that was really cool. Just the uplift I needed for this rainy morning in Alabama. 🙂 Thanks for music and meaningful lyrics!

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  3. She did well with your poem.Louise


  4. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, what a great team we are. Thanks Deb for writing such gorgeous poems and songs that I’ve truly enjoyed putting to music. Here’s to many more co creating moments. Big hugs xo

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    • We make an awesome team! Thank you for creating such beautiful music and singing with that wonderful voice. I too have been thrilled by the moments when I hear my words put to song, it’s magical. Yes here’s to many more co-creating moments. Big hugs back xo

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