(and of course there are lots of faces too)

what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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38 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Oh yes, I can definitely see lots of faces in these images Deb. πŸ™‚How exciting to witness the Solar Eclipse. On my side of the world it was sunny and blissfully mild today. Hope you wake to a beautiful day my friend. xo

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    • That’s funny that you had not heard of the solar eclipse…you were too sick and were sleeping while everyone was talking about it! It was super cool. I can see lots of faces too, one in particular is big and has their mouth wide open as if laughing! I love seeing all the faces in clouds.
      Here’s to another blissful day for you my sweet lady…Whimsy hugs coming your way xo

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    • I feel as though I haven’t been up with what’s happening in the world of late. Yes, being sick hadn’t helped. If it wasn’t for WP I wouldn’t have known. Loved the pics you posted and sent me. Very cool. Oh yes, I saw the happy laughing face too.
      Hugs back and enjoy your evening. πŸ’• xo

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    • I don’t watch the news ever, but I was reading up on what the solar eclipse means astrology wise and how this is probably the biggest week of the year energy wise, endings and beginnings and good beginnings and good endings…it was so interesting!! I took those pics through a window and there was a screen in it, I should have gone outside but I was at work and just didn’t, wish I had but I’m happy to have those. Big energy hugs and have a sassy day… I’ll try to send you what I’m thinking of later…we can keep tweaking too. I think I’m going to write to takes of this…good girl and bad girl. hehe…the bad girl is sneaking out first. xo

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    • Mm, interesting about the eclipse and what it means energy wise, good beginnings and good endings. Wonder if it applies to us here who aren’t under the same sky and didn’t experience it. I know I’m going through a lot of inner soul searching right now. Your song is keeping me upbeat, happy and positive. Bring on the bad girl version haha. xo πŸ’•

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    • Oh yes it applies to all…no matter where they are. Ok you asked for it, bad girl’s a coming out!! xo

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    • Oh yes I know, I just read it.Love it! Bring it on. 😏 xo

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  2. How exciting to witness it…its a wonderful day here..

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  3. Grateful that our daughter has arrived safely in Southeast Asia for a three-year posting.

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  4. I didn’t have the proper eyewear so I watched it on t.v. It is exciting! Good morning Deb! I hope you have a spectacular day! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxoxo

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  5. Oh I could not watch it.I could only see the ” total eclipse ” of my heart……

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  6. We watched through our trees and a colander the crescent white shadows on the concrete. Way cool event.


  7. Oh deb.. check out my “inside out”post it is differentπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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    • Oh Bella that is different! How thoughtful of you to do a giveaway. I will try to pop over this weekend and fill out the questionnaire. Even if I don’t you now have me so intrigued about the book I want to check it out. Wow she’ll be 102, that’s amazing…I bet she has lots of wise words for us. I haven’t listened to your audio yet. I have some things to do first tonight, then I’m coming back over to hear you read it…I’m so excited I can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Funny how we never like the sound of own voice, yet everyone else thinks it’s fine…I’m sure yours is too! Since I’ve started menopause my voice has become deeper and more raspy, I often have to clear my throat and it’s weaker than it used to be…oh well! I’m grateful that I can speak…xo πŸ™‚

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    • Hey Deb look forward to your entry or whatever you choose to do. You are so kind with your words. Oh us women what we have to go through.

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    • I know it…it’s amazing what we endure! πŸ™‚


  8. Another good report from the cardiologist for my mother

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  9. Deb, I know that you’re always show interest in exploring new things and after reading the title of this post, I thought you’ll enjoy learning about the concept of Solar and Lunar eclipses in Islam πŸ™‚

    In Islam we have been asked to offer special prayer at the time of eclipse. The reason being that Allah Almighty or God is the one who is creator of this universe and eclipse is the sign of His might and power. Eclipse can make us frightened and when frightened Muslims turned to Allah for patience and persevrence.

    Someone explained it well in his post on internet. I am pasting it here for you to read….xo

    Many American Muslims will mark the eclipse with a special ritual prayer. It hearkens back to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself, who marked a solar eclipse during his life with this ritual prayer.

    In fact, the eclipse happened to occur the same day his son had died, and many of his companions remarked that the eclipse was in response to this event. The Prophet, however, denied the eclipse had anything to do with this terribly sad event:

    β€œThe sun and the moon are two signs amongst the signs of God; they do not eclipse because of the death of someone, and so when an eclipse occurs, pray and invoke God until the eclipse is over.”

    Still, many Muslims will follow the tradition of the Prophet by performing this special ritual prayer on August 21. It is nice opportunity to commemorate a celestial event with a beautiful way to adore the Maker of said celestial event.

    However you choose to mark this special heavenly occasion, it is something that will be an amazing sight to see and an amazing thing to remember for years to come. Let us try not to miss it.

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    • Thank you Madeeha for sharing that. You are right I do love learning of new things and I found this very interesting.
      I read several articles myself regarding eclipses and their meanings and all were quite fascinating.
      It really was exciting to experience it!!

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  10. I got to see it also. First time I’ve ever seen one. We had 73% coverage here. It was fantastic!

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