what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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27 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Today I am grateful for this Festival of lights-Diwali as we get time to meet our loved ones in this fast running busy life…. Happy Diwali !!!
    Enjoy your day ….

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  2. Today I am grateful for 69Β°. For the 1st time in many moons, our temp is below 70.
    Temp 69; heat index 69; dew point 69; humidity 100%. 🌝

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  3. This post reminds me of the song, “Go For It” by Corey Feldman.


  4. Today i am grateful for more time to rest.

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  5. I’m grateful for my friends. Today after lunch with friends I will be going to coffee with a long time friend. It is friend day! LOL! Good morning Deb! I hope you have a spectacular day today! ((HUGS!)) xoxoxo

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    • Oh how nice I hope you had a lovely lunch and visit with your long time friend! Good evening PJ! My day was spectacular, thanks. I hope your day was enriching!! ((HUGS!!)) xoxo πŸ™‚


    • I am happy to hear that your day was magnificent! After tomorrow you will have a whole weekend! I had a nice visit with my friend and she is going to lunch with me tomorrow with my other friends. The Rehab hospital transported my sister back to the big hospital today. They said that her bed sore wound is more than they can handle and want the big hospital to take care of it. My poor sister!

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    • Oh I’m so happy your friend is going to join you and your friends for lunch tomorrow. That’s too bad about your sister. I sure hope they can get it to heal soon!! Yeah your poor sister, I’ll say a prayer of healing for her sore.


    • Thank you! She needs all the prayers she can get. According to her daughter, this bed sore is really really bad.

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    • Oh geez, ok I’m on it!!

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  6. Love this post Deb, it’s brilliant. Should be our motto every day don’t you think? It’s so empowering. Well, today I’m grateful for a happy morning spent with a friend and feeling aligned and on course. Hope you slept better and you wake to a marvellous Friday. Big hugs xo

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  7. Also grateful for Diwali, even though I’m not in India this year to celebrate it.

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  8. Its so nice to apply this when we are in a dilemma and our inner voice says -Just go for it ..
    Nothing else – Just go for it .. and that’s all!
    Nice Deb, I liked it


    • We often have something we want to do but let fear step in and stop us. There is nothing to fear and so just adopt this mantra and Just Go For It!! Do it…you’ll regret not doing it more than you will by doing it!!
      Thanks Shiva, I appreciate that.


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