what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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20 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Today I went in the direction of a friend’s place (55 kilometres from me) and we had a sensational meal. Staying the night. So much to be grateful for.

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  2. Today I’m going to be like your balloon and flow with the wind.

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  3. I like that – go the direction that makes you feel good. My puppy kept waking me up last night kissing me! It was so strange. She must have been dreaming! Hahaha! Except, I wasn’t laughing last night! Good morning Deb! I hope you have a magnificent day! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxox

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  4. I am thankful He is “The lifter of my head.” Psalm 3:3

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  5. OMG. I just read your FB comment and came straight here. I have goosebumps reading your words and looking at those balloons. I woke before 6 (after my late night, can Yu imagine) and felt compelled to look out the window (I left the curtains open). And, as you know from my photo, there were six hot air balloons floating serenely in the sky. Wow! Yes, we are definitely moving in the direction of our dreams, I have absolutely no doubt. Big hugs xo

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    • I fell off my chair when i saw your pic of the hot air balloons…I was beside myself. I believe my mouth stayed open in disbelief for hours!!! We most definitely are moving in the direction of our dreams. I’m learning a new song on my piano, do yoh know of the cartoon Peanuts, well there’s a song called Lucy and Linus, they always play it at Christmas, I love it so i decided to learn it from Youtube. So fun. I’m watching my Wild Kingdom out the window right now, love that too. Sleep well my sweet, big balloon hugs xo 🎈

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    • I know, I was the same when I saw your post. My mouth dropped open too, wow, just wow. And then I just had to go and write about it, so I did.
      I love the Peanuts cartoon Deb. Snoopy was one of my favourites when I was growing up. How fun learning Lucy and Linus. Enjoy …
      I’ve just woken up here. So much to do this week with regards to the insurance claim, I still don’t know where we stand but I’m trusting that all is well. Enjoy your Sunday night and all of your amazing critters out the window. How lucky you are. Love you lots. xo

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    • I hope all works out with the insurance claim…all is well! I’m so lucky!! Love watching my critters and learning my piano!! Lots of love back at ya…xo

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