Collaborations, Songs and Messages 

My sweet Miri has done it again….added her musical talents to one of my poems…both the melody and vocals are created by Miri.  If that’s not exciting enough, Rob, from For friends without borders gave it that magic touch of added instrumentation…listen you’ll hear the strings and that hauntingly beautiful flute….I cannot even begin to express my thanks to both Miri and Rob and I certainly cannot contain my excitement over another song!!!  We do have plans to make a CD, until then please continue to enjoy our creations here, thank you.  xo

(c) onceuponahotflash, 2017


Out an' About

I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the best parts of blogging (if not thebest part) are the connections we make.

In the two plus years I’ve been blogging this space has changed and it now feels so full of life, almost like a cosy cafe gathering with good friends.

I’ve met some amazing people here, a few of you have become real life friends and many more, who I’ve never met, I feel I’ve known forever.

What I do know is that, whether or not we’ve actually met, this blogging community is very real.

In the last year I’ve formed a wonderful online collaboration with the lovely Deb from Once Upon a Hot Flash who writes, aside from her daily gratitudes, beautiful poems and songs.


I’ve now put music to more than half a dozen of her poems. Three of them have appeared on my blog. Singing ‘Frisky’…

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15 thoughts on “Collaborations, Songs and Messages 

  1. Oh Deb, this song is just beautiful!!!

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  2. Thanks to all three of you for creating and sharing this beautiful folk song.

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  3. It was so much fun to be part of this song, Deb. Everything was already there – beautiful lyrics, music and vocals. I had the easy part. I look forward to future collaborations!


    • It was sooo much fun…oh your touch put it over the top and made it the magical sounding song it now is!! Oh yay we do too look forward to more and we are already onto the next one!! We’ve decided to put this on YouTube with pictures and lyrics as soon as I figure out how…do you mind if I mention your name for credit purposes? If you want your full name mentioned you can email it to me…if Rob S. is sufficient then we’ll leave it at that. Thanks again xo

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  4. Another beautiful collaboration. The words and music touch me at a deeper soul level.. Thank you!! xx

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  5. Wonderful collaboration Deb!! I’m so glad I found this section on your blog.

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