what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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22 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Oh, I love this! I’ll have to remember this next time I have a down moment. I’ll put my arm up and twirl and pretend I’m a sprinkler. Ha, that’ll set the boys off, they’ll really think I’ve gone mad! Thanks for the ch chi smiles tonight Deb. Hugs xo 😊

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    • Lol I do short left and right movements and slowly rotate just as the sprinkler does and like I said say shift shift shift as I do it. It’s a great distraction from my negative thought. You know those thoughts where you say I’m not going to think about this and 5 seconds later you’re thinking about it…and that process keeps repeating no matter how hard you try to stop thinking about it…this stops that. Yes it was sooo fun and we won!! Hugs xo. ☺

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    • Cute! Well all jokes aside, I’m going to try this next time I have those thoughts. Should be fun! Hugs back, and talk soon, I’m off to bed. xo

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    • Tell me how well it works for you!! Good morning you are now back up again and almost lunchtime at that! Happy Thursday Hugs xo 🙂

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    • Yes you’re right, it’s just gone noon here and I’ve just arrived home after a blistering hot morning out and about. I haven’t had to use the “shift shift shift” sprinkler system yet despite the heat as I’m feeling really good today. Hope you are too! Hugs xo

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    • Actually I am feeling really good…it’s been quite a great week, I’ve been focusing on my days ahead of time and it’s making a world of difference….as we know it always does! Glad you don’t have to shift shift shift…save it for those moments…as we know they come and go….hopefully they will stay away longer each time as we get better and better at keeping the good times here! Cool Hugs, xo

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    • Absolutely Deb. They do come and go. But I’m so happy to hear that you’re having a great week. All of your focus and soul work is clearly making a difference.
      Guess what? I went out and bought myself a fringy back 1920s dress this morning. I went in to this big thrift shop and I asked the very nice sales assistant there and she said “oh, something came in this morning like that. “ she lead me to this dress and it was perfect, gorgeous and in just my size Just $12!!! Timing again and other things have been working out too. It’s so great isn’t it. Anyway big warm hugs to lovely you xo 🙂

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    • OMG!!! That is fantastic…wow $12…ha that’s amazing…and your size….we are getting soooo good at this…isn’t it so fun! I’m off to bed to create my beautiful tomorrow…let’s see now what do I want to happen! OHHHH you’re already there….for you…it’s 1/11 today for you…that’s one reason why that happened!!! LOVE IT. Big fringy flapper hugs to you my pretty sassy lady xo 🙂

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    • We are getting good at it aren’t we? So much fun. Well, you have a wonderful nights sleep and dream of beautiful magical things. Talk soon. Big flapper hugs xo 😊💕

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    • Sweet dreams to you now!! 😴💝

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    • Thank you. Muah xoxo 😴

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  2. It’s scorchingly hot in Australia, so a sprinkler is most welcome.

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  3. Oooh Deb! I don’t understand how these wonderful thoughts come into your HE HE HE AD.
    So you will stretch your arms and I hit them, (actually why I am telling is for this two people are necessary) you will move right or left, then down the arms, then I will stretch my arms you hit I will move right or left as intended. Then I will put down then you…. you know like that. I think it shall be a jolly game. Hahaha
    Now how my HE HE HE AD works 😂😋
    These days I am swinging my arms just walking and standing it helps the Heart to beat fast.
    But I am not standing the cold, this time it is too much. Huh huh huh 😫😖
    Huh Huh Hugs
    It chills 😀

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    • Sounds like a lot of fun…and a jo jo jolly game!! hehe
      Ohhh how cold is it there Shiva?
      We’re finally getting some warmer temps tomorrow and Friday and is has been brutally cold here!!
      Stay Warm Hugs,

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    • Brutal as you said.
      Getting all pains in body, cold cough all all sorts. Doctors do have roaring practice. Your majesty has not read some of my posts lately, of course left to your choice and time.
      From 14th janu suddenly it shall change as the Sun starts moving North wards. That is the Makar Sankranthi festival we have. People all over India go to rivers and beaches to take bath, in some places you will find not thousands of people but lakhs bathing at a time. It is very auspicious to have bath in such places where there are temple towns too.
      Maybe it also means that if this time we have brutal cold we shall also have it brutally hot. OMG!
      Warmy Warmy Hugs


  4. Hahahaha! I can see you acting like a sprinkler and I love it! What a great way to have fun and change your thinking to positive and happy! Good morning Deb! I hope your day is fantastic! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxoxo

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