what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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26 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Even on cloudy days, we know the sun rises.

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  2. We take it for granted that it will rise every morning. Thinking about it, I am VERY grateful it rises every morning! Good morning Deb! I hope your day today is spectacular! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxoxo

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  3. He is the one who never disappoints
    The time keeper to the World
    OMG! DEB! Can he not take holiday on a Sunday. Poor He. 🙄😃
    Sunny Hugs

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  4. So beautiful Deb. I missed this one, must have been while I was away. Yes, every sunrise and every sunset is another chance to appreciate the wonder of life. Big hugs xo

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    • We expect it so it happens…what would you like to happen? Expect it!! It’s so simple. Big expecting hugs xo 💞

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    • Love it!! Yes, it’s so true. Expect and it will be. 💖 xo

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    • Hopefully sooner rather than later!!! xo 😉

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    • Yes indeed! Oh, what a morning I’ve had Deb. On the phone for over an hour with the insurance company. Now everything has been declined. But I’m not giving up. There’s too much at stake here and too much here not accounted for, everything hinges on this CCTV footage that the plumber supposedly has but I know they didn’t take any. I’m fighting on. Feisty hugs xo

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    • Ohhhh put it on your vision board that it gets resolved in your favor!!!! Also ask them for a copy of the footage. Ohhh also give it up to the full moon, death to their decision and rebirth to a positive decision for you. And if none of that works we’ll create a voodoo doll and put pins in it…hehe!! You hang in there and believe Everything Always Works Out for Me…All Is Well!! I’m listening to Colleen Lemma talking about February…hmmm interesting! Big feisty hugs back!! xo

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    • All great ideas Deb. I’ve actually asked for a copy of the footage and I do honestly believe that all will be well. I feel it. Despite having a little breakdown this morning I’m okay. Yes, everything always works out for me/us. I’m puttin it out there. Thanks for the support and encouragement Deb. Love the voo-doo doll idea too, lol 🙃 So Feb is interesting hey? I’ll have to go listen to her. Big hugs xo

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    • Lots of energy with this lunar eclipse and then there is a solar eclipse Feb 15…lots of endings and new beginnings and transitions!! Dreams and desires manifesting!! I’m putting it out there too that it all unfolds in your favor!! As it should. Big hugs xo 🙂

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    • Aren’t you beautiful. Thank you my lovely friend, between the two of us we got this covered babe. 😘 Big squishy hugs xo

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    • Oh you’re most welcome my sweet lady!! Yes we do…no worries at all! Big All is Well hugs xo 🙂

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    • I’m off to dreamland now….may the rest of your day be nurturing!! Big dreamy hugs!! xo

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    • Thank you lovely lady. I’m just home from a walk with Harry and you’re probably already in dreamland. Sleep well. Big dreamy hugs xo ✨

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