Planting Dreams

So as if today is not magical enough already, here’s some more magic for you…enjoy our newest song!!! Planting Dreams…

Out an' About

Creativity is in the air. Can you feel it?

Plants are in the ground, seeds are being sown and a spectacular once in a lifetime lunar phenomenon has just graced our skies in Melbourne.

After a time of lull in January it feels like the energy is shifting.

This past month for me has been a gentle easing into the new year. I enjoyed catching up with a close friend who shares my creativity and I was stirred by a rousing musical (The Greatest Showman)Β  an amazing movie that fuelled my dreams.

I camped in nature, by the ocean and by mountain rivers, I stood under an invigorating waterfall and lay awake at night listening to the peaceful sounds of the bush. I woke to the chorus of birds.

I meditated, journalled and immersed myself in what I love, a bit like dreaming with eyes wide open. Now, though…

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23 thoughts on “Planting Dreams

  1. I commented on Miri’s blog. The both of you deserve a giant shout out for creating a beautiful piece of music. ❀

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    • Thank you Rob, it brings tears to my eyes and shivers too whenever I hear it…you also deserve a big shout out…your perfect touch to the song makes it the magical sounding song it is…love that tinkling sound in the chorus, is it a harp? xo

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    • Thanks, Deb! ❀ Those are bells from a percussion plugin. I thought it sounded right for that part of the chorus!


    • Oh soooo right…it’s what makes the song sound so magical!!! Love them… xo


  2. Isn’t it amazing that while you’re out camping, we’re up here bundled up against the winter winds…and yet we’re both still under that amazing Super Blue Blood Moon! Cheers ~ Lynn

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    • I know Lynn, Miri (Miriam),who is in Australia, will tell me how it’s 101 degrees today…and I’ll be like oh gee it’s 11 degrees here!! And yet as you say we are all under this amazing Super Blue Blood Moon!! She and I were writing back and forth this morning (for me)…it was 7:00 am here and 11:00pm there and she was watching the lunar eclipse. I watched it on YouTube, as the moon set here before I could see anything. I’m on the East Coast. What a thrilling day though…hope you were able to catch some of the eclipse and now enjoy tonight with the big bright full super duper blue moon!! Cheers! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks! I’m on the west coast, and except for just a minute, had cloud cover, so I had to watch it through other means as well! Hopefully tonight will be better! Enjoy! ~ Lynn

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    • Last night the moon was like a spotlight in my back yard!! Enjoy tonight too. πŸ™‚

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  3. You two just keep the magic coming.

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  4. Absolutely stunning, Deb. ❀️You and Miriam make an awesome pair! Beautiful lyrics and Miriam has a lovely voice. Well done also to Rob for adding that extra sparkle!
    Much love,
    Hayley πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž

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  5. Very, very beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


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  6. Wow – what a duo you both are! Totally wonderful Deb. You and Miri make a brilliant team… definitely both revealing your ‘brilliance within’ – Love it!!!

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