On my drive to work I was overcome by that glorious odor of Pepe Le Pew!!  aka Skunk.

Bonjour Mon Amour!!

The skunk gets a bum rap.  😉  So today I’ve decided to celebrate the Skunk and share with you what the symbolism of the Skunk is.  Perhaps next time we will have a better appreciation of the odorous little guy.

“A Few Symbolic Meanings of the Skunk

  • Defense
  • Prudence
  • Protection
  • Confidence
  • Awareness
  • Pacification
  • Effectiveness
  • Good judgement

We would all do well to take this animal symbolism from the skunk: Do no harm. Indeed, as a totem animal, the skunk asks us to defend ourselves effectively, without causing further conflict.

Interestingly, the skunk would prefer to be even less assertive. You see, it takes over a week to reproduce its stinky juices after using them (their glands are only good for about 4 sprays). Ergo, the skunk is 100% sure it must spray before doing so as this defense tool is a commodity in the wild – not to be wasted on false alarms.

In recognizing this, we see the skunk is the ultimate pacifist, and by adopting its peace-loving ways we may obtain the carefree lifestyle this creature enjoys.

Carefree indeed, the skunk has very few predators because most of the animal kingdom recognize its tell-tale markings and know from wildlife scuttlebutt the skunk is not to be fooled with.  As such, the skunk goes about its business with aplomb, and has an innocent quality that few wild creatures have the luxury of exhibiting.

Other Animal Symbolism Keywords for the Skunk

  • Introspection
  • Innocence
  • Assurance
  • Patience
  • Silence
  • Peace

Those with the skunk as their animal totem are naturally buoyant. They go through life with a calm assurance, and exude a peaceful energy that is extremely attractive to others.

Call upon the spirit of the skunk when you need quality judgment in a situation – particularly if you’re in a stressful state, or someone is pushing your buttons. The skunk will ease you out of the situation with deft and diplomacy.

The skunk can also help calm jangled nerves, and help to center ourselves into a quiet, peaceful state.

The skunk is very effective when calming small children too. Give it a try. Ask the skunk for assistance with your fussy little ones.

The skunk is happy to heed your call for help.  Just remember to respect the skunk and express your thanks for the guidance and assistance.”

Courtesy of  Whats-your-sign.com

If you want to find out what Animal Totem you are go HERE

I could take a few lessons from Pepe Le Pew on those stressful days when calm assurance and a peaceful energy would serve me well.

Who knew the Skunk’s symbolism would end up smelling like a rose!!


(c) onceuponahotflash, 2018

28 thoughts on “WHAT STINKS??

  1. We don’t have skunks in Australia. What a pity.

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  2. Ha ha. What great symbolism. I always loved Pepe Le Pew. Mind you, I’ve never actually seen or smelt a real live one. Big hugs xo

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  3. When I was 12 I tried to buy a descented skunk in the mail. They make good pets. It didn’t happen, some postal regulation, and I got a Siamese Cat. We were good friends, and she adored my fiancée Sandy. A Siamese cat is quite different than a skunk!

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  4. Who would think that skunks have such positive attributes?! I hate smelling skunks! It is going to take a lot more than that for me to like skunks. Haha! Have you ever had to “descent” a dog? Not fun!

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    • I know, I was surprised when I looked it up, but after reading it, it made “scents”…;-)
      Yes I have had to descent a dog and you are right it’s not fun!! He couldn’t even stand himself. Wishing you a fragrant Sunday PJ!! ((HUGS!!)) xoxo 🙂


    • Hahahaha! The look on their faces when they get sprayed is so funny! I live on the edge of town and we have a lot of skunks spraying around here. I sure don’t want them getting into my yard! You have a wonderful and restful Sunday! I miss talking to you.

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    • I know, Barney just couldn’t get away from himself fast enough…of course I put him in the tub and did the whole tomato sauce bit, then baking soda, then Dawn, but nothing really worked…it was better but not gone! P-U!!
      I miss talking with you too!! My Sunday was kinda busy, I ran to the store to buy a few items and then had to make another stop, then changed my bed and did some other odds and ends. Hope your Sunday was relaxing and restful!! xo


    • I was planning on going to the store to get a few items this morning but my car wouldn’t start. My niece and her husband came over and looked at my car and said it is the fuel filter. Hopefully, that is all it is. I will have to have it towed to the mechanics shop tomorrow morning and I hope they will be able to fix it tomorrow.

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    • Oh no, now that stinks!! I hope that’s all it is too. Do you have AAA or towing on your insurance I hope.


    • No, I don’t have that on my insurance. My car is older so all I have is Liability. Bummer.

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    • And no Triple A? Aw too bad….maybe you can get a senior citizen discount… 😉


    • Yeah, maybe I can. LOL!


  5. I have never met a skunk Deb. I took the totem test and I am a wolf which I already knew. I have a wolf cushion here beside me. 🌼

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  6. I had to read this to my husband as he really loves skunks. I think for him they symbolize his youth and traipsing through the groves on his childhood farmplace and his uncles.
    When he smells one as we are driving along he starts sniffing the wind like a blood hound and gets this huge smile.

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  7. This is an interesting background on the skunk. I didn’t know they had to reproduce their noxious mix after using it a few times. It is definitely a scent one can never forget.

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