FABULOUS!!   Thanks for playing, let’s continue…gathering together to co-create helps desires to manifest, there’s power in numbers.  When we desire something and we ask for it from a place of lack, like “I don’t have enough…” we negate the manifestation of our desire because we are attracting the lack of it.  Therefore if we say “I want more…” that comes from a place of having and we will attract more of it.  Let’s go through the alphabet and ask for what we would like more of, today is the letter G.




What do you want more of…please share

Thank you!



(c) onceuponahotflash, 2018


35 thoughts on “I WANT MORE…

  1. I want more gorgeousness 😉

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  2. I want more Goodness. People caring about others and being good to one another.

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    • There is always room for more Goodness!! The more of us who are good to each the more it will spread around the world!! A world filled with Goodness…yes!! 🙂

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  3. Generosity. That will do for me.

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  4. Green vegetables! Great sunsets (that may be cheating!) Musically, Genesis and George Michael. 😀

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    • Nah not cheating…great sunsets is most definitely allowed!! My rules….lol. Gary Puckett & the Union Gap and Grateful Dead!! 🙂


  5. I want more gratitude in the world.

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  6. It’s GOODNESS in the world for me!


    • As I was driving to work today I noticed the trees are starting to get a bit of green in them and it hit me GREEN!!! I want more GREEN!!! Goodness is GOOD too. xoxo ❤

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  7. Gee, it’s G! In that case, I’d like just one Gibson SG guitar. Well, that’s 3 G’s!

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  8. Gee, I want more of my G!!! 😏
    Great big galavanting hugs gorgeous you xo 💕

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  9. OMG, I just read Rob’s comment, as soon as I’d posted. 🤭 But I think you know what G I’m talking about!!!! xo


  10. Goofiness is great for me! All the ‘g’s that people have come up with is awesome! Gratitude and generosity is wonderful, I would also like more of that! Good morning Deb! It is good to hear from you on the blogs. ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxoxo

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  11. More GORGEOUS weather like today!! I think winter’s finally over here in Southern New England!

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  12. I would love more Gardening. More Gratitude would be good for me but what I really NEED is more God.

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