HARMONIOUS!!   I love all this joining together to co-create, there’s power in numbers.  When we desire something and we ask for it from a place of lack, like “I don’t have enough…” we negate the manifestation of our desire because we are attracting the lack of it.  Therefore if we say “I want more…” that comes from a place of having and we will attract more of it.  Let’s go through the alphabet and ask for what we would like more of, today is the letter I.




What do you want more of…please share

Thank you!



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27 thoughts on “I WANT MORE…

  1. I am with you.Imagination today please 😊😊

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    • Yes I want to become more creative!! I have decided to start my exercise program tomorrow…up and at em bright and early! How you doing? 🙂


    • Hi Deb. I have been walking five days a week for 40 mins each day which is fantastic. I do it straight after the school run. I am failing miserably on the upper arms. I googled a bit today on exercises, looked at the flabby bit and decried it was hopeless !! What have you got in mind for tomorrow?

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    • Well I have a Beach Babes DVD and there”s a morning routine called Sunrise Routine it’s a total body workout but gentle. I did not get up and do it though, I went to bed earlier in hopes of getting up early and could not fall asleep.ugh. So I put it off for today. Have you heard if the Tone it Up girls? They are the ones who created the Beach Babes DVDs too well they have a video workout just for your arms, it’s really good. I’m so happy to hear you are walking, that’s great!! I’m glad your achilles isn’t stopping you! Hope to join you soon. ☺


    • Not heard of any of those DVDs ! I shall have to have a look. Just for arms ? That sounds fantastic. Any exercises I google are so sporadic. Has the weather improved yet? We had our first cold day. I walked in 10 degrees. As a Brit living in Oz that isnt too bad really 😉😉

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    • Here are a couple of routines they have. Well some days the weather seems like it’s finally going to be warm…then there’s that cold, rainy, raw day…ugh! Ohhh brrr that’s chilly, it would have to be a swift walk to keep warm! Hope you like these:

      Enjoy xo 🙂


    • I have found them on IG and found their webpage with free daily workouts. I did “Booty” Monday. OMG. I am in agony!!y legs are jelly like . But they are good. thank you xx

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    • Oh I’m so happy you have found them…yeah they sure do have some great workouts and free! Love them. You are most welcome!! xo ❤

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    • Well not thank you for the pain but introducing me !

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  2. Inspiration! Musically, the Isley Brothers and Iron Maiden!

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  3. Yes, more interest, more inspiration and imagination!! Good morning, Deb! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxo

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  4. Imagination and inspirational ideas …

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  5. How about fewer inches around my waist? 🙂

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  6. If it was summer I’d say ice cream but it’s too cold for that. So I’ll have to go with Ideas! That’s what I need more of at the moment, imagination and inspiration. Big incredible hugs xo ❤️

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  7. I want more innocence in the world. We need to get back our childlike wonder.

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  8. Donna Cowdrey

    I want more intuitiveness! D

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