Feeling anything tonight?


  1. Darn! I couldn’t get the video to do anything. It looks beautiful though! How are you doing, Deb? I miss you on the blogs.

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  2. Welcome back ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Great feeling Deb. The video played for me and I truly enjoyed it.

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  4. Welcome back Deb. I love the colours around your diffuser. Very hypnotic.

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  5. So relaxing. It looks wonderful.

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  6. Love a little patchouli with a drop of Frankincense to go with it. Smells heavenly!

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    • Ohhh and I have some too…think I’ll mix them tonight!! Are you still selling oils? If so are they therapeutic or medicinal, meaning are they ingestible or able to use on your skin? Oh and organic? 🙂


    • Yes they have an ingestible line called vitality. And Yes organic. They have seed to seal which means they have ownership of the entire process and as a member I can go to any farm or distillery they have!…someday I will get to the lavender farm in Utah.

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