Hi Everyone,

I haven’t posted in quite some time and I’m wondering if that is why my SPAM has gone wild?  I mean CRA-CRA!!

I clear it daily now because I receive over 100 spam messages each day…does anyone know if it is because I haven’t posted anything for awhile?

This is NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway hope you are all well!!!  I’ve been taking piano lessons and was thinking about creating a new post called Name that Song.  I would play the latest song I’m learning and see if you can guess what the song is!  LOL…it’s not easy in the beginning to recognize what I’m playing, even I have a hard time, HA!  We’ll see…but it’s been lots of fun learning and playing.

I am curious to see if my SPAM count for tomorrow will be any less now that I’ve created a post.  I’ll let you know!

Miss you all…talk or play soon!!