Hi Everyone,

I haven’t posted in quite some time and I’m wondering if that is why my SPAM has gone wild?  I mean CRA-CRA!!

I clear it daily now because I receive over 100 spam messages each day…does anyone know if it is because I haven’t posted anything for awhile?

This is NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway hope you are all well!!!  I’ve been taking piano lessons and was thinking about creating a new post called Name that Song.  I would play the latest song I’m learning and see if you can guess what the song is!  LOL…it’s not easy in the beginning to recognize what I’m playing, even I have a hard time, HA!  We’ll see…but it’s been lots of fun learning and playing.

I am curious to see if my SPAM count for tomorrow will be any less now that I’ve created a post.  I’ll let you know!

Miss you all…talk or play soon!!


17 thoughts on “SPAMAPALOOZA!!!!

  1. How bizarre! I have no idea if not posting attracts spam. Hope this post helps.

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    • Hey Peggy!! Thanks, me too!! I can’t believe how much I’ve been getting. Hope all is well with you and Poor John. Been travelling lately? 🙂

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    • Of course. We’ve spent three months in West Africa, a month in Vietnam and two weeks in central Australia. Taiwan for Christmas with all the family.

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    • I knew the answer was…of course!! 😉 Wow how wonderful it must be to experience so many different places!! Christmas with your family in Taiwan sounds perfect! One more adventure to look forward to. 🙂 xo

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  2. My experience has been that the volume of spam rises and falls all the time, regardless of how frequently or infrequently I post. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

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  3. Hey Deb, how are you? Spending time on this gloomy Sunday to visit blogs that I haven’t been to in ages. I don’t know why you’re receiving so much spam and while I’m not posting on a regular basis it does seem to be outta control. It wouldn’t be a problem if not for the rare occasion when a legitimate comment ends up among this trash–ugh!! I hope you’re enjoying your piano lessons. Is this your first time taking lessons? Take care. ~Steph

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    • I’m great Steph, thanks! How are you? I know there’s so many spam comments I don’t even bother scrolling thru to see if there is a legitimate comment anymore…that’s too bad too!! I am enjoying my piano lessons very much. Yes this is the first time taking them. I’ve always wanted to play the piano. When I was a kid friends of ours were getting rid of their piano and my parents said oh we’ll buy it. I was so excited. So my uncles all pile in a pickup truck to go get it. They load it on the truck and on the way to my house as they went around a corner the piano started to slide…they did not tie it down…and yup it flipped right over the side of the truck and smashed into a million pieces on the street….they brought me a piano key. I was so heartbroken!!! So finally one of my dreams is becoming a reality. Wishing you well too Steph!! xo Deb 🙂

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    • Hi Deb, I’m doing well and so much better now that my plan for a simpler life is coming together. As I was reading your comment about the piano on the truck I knew where it was going–had to be very heartbreaking for you. I’m so thrilled though to hear that you’ve taken the bull by the horns and am doing what you’ve dreamed of for so long playing piano. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Brene Brown but she talks about vulnerability, shame, and self compassion and what you are doing right now with your lessons is your ‘brave’–kudos to you Deb!🤗

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    • Awe Steph you just brought me to tears!! Happy ones of course. Yes I have listened to Brene Brown, I like her message. I’m so happy that your life is coming together the way you want it to. Simpler is often much more rewarding and satisfying, so glad it’s turning out that way for you! xo ❤💜

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  4. Hi Deb! It’s great to see you back again. I have no idea why so many spam comments are hitting your blog. I hope that it passes soon.

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    • Me too!! It was a little bit better today. So frustrating. How are you?? Any new songs? I’ve written a few half songs…need to complete them. I’m playing in my first concert on Sunday…I’m playing Piano Man…pretty appropriate don’t you think? I’m excited. Be well and talk soon!! ❤ 🙂

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    • That sounds very exciting, Deb. I bet you’ll do great and yes, that is appropriate! I don’t know what the last song that you’ve heard, but I have a couple new ones. The first two are my songs, the third is a cover.

      (I didn’t write this one)

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    • Ohhh I can’t wait to hear them. I went on SoundCloud a couple of months ago and heard some songs by you, loved them of course! 🙂


    • I love hearing your voice…I find it very soothing…I think I like Last December the best…but I enjoyed all 3….keep em coming!! 🙂


  5. Miss you heaps Deb. I still get heaps of spam too and I’m not posting as much these days either. Hopefully it settles. I hope those piano lessons are going well. Big hugs from me to you xx 💕

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    • Oh it’s crazy the amount I’m getting…enough to make me want to close it!! Miss you too…I’ve been remiss in replying back to you. Piano is coming along…working on a new song inspired by Bohemian Rhapsody…did you see that movie? One of these days we’ll hook up and Skype. I see Spring is in full bloom there while all our trees are dropping their leaves and getting ready for winter!! UGH. Be happy, talk soon.

      Big Hugs!!
      xo ❤💜💙


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