Planting Dreams

So as if today is not magical enough already, here’s some more magic for you…enjoy our newest song!!! Planting Dreams…

Out an' About

Creativity is in the air. Can you feel it?

Plants are in the ground, seeds are being sown and a spectacular once in a lifetime lunar phenomenon has just graced our skies in Melbourne.

After a time of lull in January it feels like the energy is shifting.

This past month for me has been a gentle easing into the new year. I enjoyed catching up with a close friend who shares my creativity and I was stirred by a rousing musical (The Greatest Showman)  an amazing movie that fuelled my dreams.

I camped in nature, by the ocean and by mountain rivers, I stood under an invigorating waterfall and lay awake at night listening to the peaceful sounds of the bush. I woke to the chorus of birds.

I meditated, journalled and immersed myself in what I love, a bit like dreaming with eyes wide open. Now, though…

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Shifting thoughts: I’ve Won Today

Here’s our latest co-creation, Miri with the music and vocals, Rob mixing it up, words by me.   Another inspriational post from Miri to boot!  It doesn’t get any better than that…now get out there and win!!!

Out an' About

Do you ever have thoughts that just won’t get out of your head?  It might be from that job you’re barely tolerating as you drag yourself out of bed each morning or it could be a relationship that isn’t working out. Or maybe it’s just negative thoughts that keep creeping into your head.

And you feel like talking to yourself and saying to those pesky thoughts …

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Collaborations, Songs and Messages 

My sweet Miri has done it again….added her musical talents to one of my poems…both the melody and vocals are created by Miri.  If that’s not exciting enough, Rob, from For friends without borders gave it that magic touch of added instrumentation…listen you’ll hear the strings and that hauntingly beautiful flute….I cannot even begin to express my thanks to both Miri and Rob and I certainly cannot contain my excitement over another song!!!  We do have plans to make a CD, until then please continue to enjoy our creations here, thank you.  xo

(c) onceuponahotflash, 2017


Out an' About

I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the best parts of blogging (if not thebest part) are the connections we make.

In the two plus years I’ve been blogging this space has changed and it now feels so full of life, almost like a cosy cafe gathering with good friends.

I’ve met some amazing people here, a few of you have become real life friends and many more, who I’ve never met, I feel I’ve known forever.

What I do know is that, whether or not we’ve actually met, this blogging community is very real.

In the last year I’ve formed a wonderful online collaboration with the lovely Deb from Once Upon a Hot Flash who writes, aside from her daily gratitudes, beautiful poems and songs.


I’ve now put music to more than half a dozen of her poems. Three of them have appeared on my blog. Singing ‘Frisky’…

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Miracles, Music and Meditation

Oops we did it again…we dropped another song!! But even more than that, read this beautiful, heartfelt post by Miriam Blaker of Out an’ About. I think we all can relate to her words and message. I join her in wishing you all love and light and a heart filled with music…enjoy!

Out an' About

Life is like an open Gratitude Journal, a story of abundance and hope, just waiting to be written.

This is my journal with pages still blank, dreams still unfulfilled and hopes wrapped up waiting to unfold.

It’s a beautiful, exciting, scary time.

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Music in the Outback

My dear sweet lovely friend Miri of Out an’ About  took one of my poems and added her music and her beautiful voice to it. Take a listen below.   Thank you Miri, you are one fabulous singer, xo!!   She also recently was runner-up for Most Inspirational Blog in this year’s Blogger Bash Awards…in my opinion she’s always a winner!!  You can read the words to the song here 

Out an' About

We’re leaving this Sunday for our Central Australia outback trip and packing has begun in earnest.

There’s one thing that I’d like to take but I’ll probably leave behind and that’s my trusty guitar.

She came with me to the Flinders Ranges and I enjoyed playing a few tunes around the camp fire but I’ve decided this trip she can stay at home. She’ll be waiting for me.

What is it about music that makes me feel so good?

It relaxes me when I’m stressed, inspires me when I feel flat and gives me a kick arse boost of energy at Zumba when I need it.

I’m sure I’m not alone.

Who doesn’t love a good boogie?

Music has such power to alter our moods, to raise our spirits.

As a goodbye serenade I’m going to share a song, written originally as a poem by my lovely friend and inspiring…

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~ I’ve Won Today! ~

You know when you have that conversation in your mind and you have it over and over and over again?  Well today, while I was showering, (and why does everything occur in the shower by the way?) I was thinking about work and letting it consume me, as I have done every day for over a year now and I’m tired of it.  So I decided that I was NOT going to let work interfere with my weekend…this is my time and I am not going to give work one more second of my mind.  After I decided this, my mind was flooded with the poem below, which actually came into my head in song form.  So there is a tune that goes with it, but I’ll let you make up your own if you so choose!  🙂

I pay no heed to you
This is what I choose to do
And you have no control of me
This morning I have set you free

Now you must go along your way
For you see, I’ve won today!
So would you be so very kind
As to please get off my mind

When ever will you understand
That you’re no longer in the plan?
I cut the cord and said goodbye
Be on your way, don’t even try

I’ve chosen to be sad no more
Let me show you to the door
You’ll no longer beat me down
I have tired of this frown


You start each day inside my head
But did you hear what I just said?
The conversation starts again
As you are trying to get in

But thrice I cut you from my life
My words are sharper than a knife
And all the time I wear this smile
Knowing you’ll be gone awhile

Oh you’ll be back again I know
But it’s getting easy to let go
My will grows stronger every minute
Especially without you in it

This battle it has gone my way
For you see, I’ve won today!

(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016


Here’s another song I wrote for Taylor Swift, if only I had a direct line to her…hmmmm!  Hope you like it.

 Ready for a Brand New Day
By Deb Cowdrey

Wake up, pop up, jump on out of bed
Sit up, push up, no downward dog instead

Drink my juice and think of you
Ready for a brand new day
Knowing that you love me too
Everything’s going my way

Wash up, wipe up, wondering what to wear
Dress up, make-up, now I do my hair

Pack my lunch and think of you
Ready for a brand new day
Knowing that you love me too
Everything’s going my way

Earrings, necklace, always running late
Dress boots, jacket, to see you I can’t wait

Lock the door and think of you
Ready for a brand new day
Knowing that you love me too
Everything’s going my way

Start car, backup, leave my lovely home
Traffic, people, everywhere I roam

Get to work and think of you
Ready for a brand new day
Knowing that you love me too
Everything’s going my way

Touch you, kiss you, hold you in my arms
Love you, missed you, you’re my lucky charm

Go to bed and think of you
Ready for a brand new day
Knowing that you love me too
Everything’s going my way

Ready for a brand new day
Ready for a brand new day