Planting Dreams

So as if today is not magical enough already, here’s some more magic for you…enjoy our newest song!!! Planting Dreams…

Out an' About

Creativity is in the air. Can you feel it?

Plants are in the ground, seeds are being sown and a spectacular once in a lifetime lunar phenomenon has just graced our skies in Melbourne.

After a time of lull in January it feels like the energy is shifting.

This past month for me has been a gentle easing into the new year. I enjoyed catching up with a close friend who shares my creativity and I was stirred by a rousing musical (The Greatest Showman)  an amazing movie that fuelled my dreams.

I camped in nature, by the ocean and by mountain rivers, I stood under an invigorating waterfall and lay awake at night listening to the peaceful sounds of the bush. I woke to the chorus of birds.

I meditated, journalled and immersed myself in what I love, a bit like dreaming with eyes wide open. Now, though…

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Poetry 101, Day 8: Graffiti

graffitiPhoto by Andy Townend

Graffiti: art, or vandalism? It sometimes seems every flat surface is someone’s canvas. Trains with spray-painted carriages trundle past graffiti-adorned buildings and rattle through illustrated tunnels.

Are you, like me, often inspired by the creativity and audacity of the artist? Or are you outraged by a perceived assault on public decency? Is graffiti a valid means of self-expression for those without a voice, or just the random scribbling of people with nothing better to do? For today’s poem, reflect on what graffiti means to you. Tell the story of a particularly memorable wall. Quote a powerful example of graffiti you’d seen (and feel free to share an image, if you’d like). Or write the poem as if it were itself splashed, for all to see, against the largest wall in town.


On walls
Or street signs
Subway drawings
Colorful and bright
Magically appear
Created during the night
When yesterday they were not there
The imagination has run wild
One man’s art rising from his inner child

(c) onceuponahotflash/2015

Poetry 101, Day 7: Beloved

belovedPhoto by Lorenzo Blangiardi (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Something about the very word “beloved” causes a frisson in us. Out of the people that matter to you, who matters the most? Whom do you love, or whom have you loved more than anyone else? What does the word “beloved” summon up in your imagination? What songs, poems, stories, movies spring to mind? Who is your beloved?

Today, write a poem celebrating your beloved. It does not have to be a specific person — you could address an imaginary beloved from the future who’s waiting for you. You could take on the persona of a well-known mythological or historic character and address her or his beloved in your poem. You could create a new type of lover and beloved.



The heart of my soul are you
I love you in all that I do
It’s there in my gaze
Expressed in my ways
A love that is truer than true

My heart skips a beat when you’re near
From you I have nothing to fear
A life I will spend
With you til the end
Filled with laughter and loving and care

For you are my darling beloved
A blessing I somehow discovered
With praise everyday
Once more I will say
For you are my darling beloved!


Poetry 101, Day 6: Fallacy

Unsound arguments. Failures of reason.
Today, let’s write poems that are wholly illogical.
Let’s see how miserably we can get reason to fail;both our reason and the reason that guides our readers.fallacy
Try not to consider this prompt as a call to nonsense but rather a call to use your good (creative) sense to arrive at firmly misconstrued ends. Surprise yourself!
Alternatively, make poetry from known philosophical fallacies. Make that straw man stand by a red wheelbarrow, put the genius of the crowd to the test, or tell the tale of a (tautological) tub.

Photo courtesy of  Photo by C.P.Storm (CC BY 2.0)


My vision book, it spoke to me
Come and show me what you see

My pants walked off to work today
While I stayed home to hang and play

The lamp was wearing out the shade
Looking for my mind that strayed

How loud the bull did play his horn
While turning candy into corn

My stocking couldn’t find her hat
My eye is looking like a cat

The book began to play a note
Which helped the shoe set sail his boat

The fragrant soap his horse did saddle
Thought I heard the fiddle faddle

I put my case inside a basket
Inside hiding was the tasket

Waiting in the line of time
Listening to a talking mime

Never saw the sand so quick
Wonder will the candle stick

I’m in the zone it’s time to end
I hope your ear I did not bend


Poetry 101, Day 5: Freedom

Photo by Impossiblebebong

Photo by Impossiblebebong


I don’t take freedom lightly
Not even very slightly
Lives have been taken
Homes have been shaken

All in the name of Freedom

It was a beautiful sunny day
When it suddenly all turned gray
Without warning rapture came
Would I ever be the same?

Fireballs in the sky exploded
Life as we knew it now eroded
Shocked that what we saw was real
How in the world could we ever heal?

A day so tragic from the start
Forever will it stand apart
What a senseless, ruthless tragedy
Hating us because we’re free

Free to pursue our wildest dreams
Free to believe whatever it seems
Some think that theirs is the only way
So they killed one sad, sad day

Freedom is a luxury
Afforded both to you and me
Go inside your mind to dwell
Live in Freedom, not in hell

I say a prayer at nine eleven
Knowing that they’re all in heaven
Hoping that their soul’s at rest
And wish their families my very best

(c) Deb/2015

Poetry 101, Day 4: Seconds


Seconds tick as I await

Anxious for our second date

Pretty ball gown for the dance

Will delight the second glance

Or to hear an Opera voice

That would be my second choice

I’ll bring my fan in case I’m hot

No leave it home on second thought

Quiet my stomach and stop your yelping

Oh to indulge in a second helping

Back and forth I rapidly pace

I may end up in second place


I’ll calm myself with a little humming

You’d think he was the second coming

My heart is giddy with romance

And eager for a second chance

He makes my pulse stop on a dime

I’ll touch his hand a second time

His thoughts and plans are always great

For he does nothing second rate

The clock on the wall is right I reckon

So he’ll be here in any second!



Poetry 101, Day 3: Sleep



Dearest Sleep my friend and foe
What peculiar times you come and go

While at work my eyes do close
But in bed I will not doze

Once asleep I hear me snore
Can’t be me I’ll just ignore

Try as I might I cannot scream
Oh thank goodness it’s a dream

Weekend’s here sleep in late
Up at six can’t fight fate

Owl of the night is who I be
Early birds have I set free

I say that beauty is what I need
Please let me rest so I’ll succeed

So long, farewell I say goodnight
And to my bed bugs, please don’t bite