After I fill the bird feeders and bird bath I come inside, sit at my window and am entertained by God’s creatures.  They are sooo fun to watch, it’s better than tv!  I didn’t even realize Mrs. Cardinal was sitting on the branch as I was talking about Mr. Cardinal and Mr. & Mrs. Blue Jay showed up too.  It was as if they knew their cue when to appear in the video…gotta love the Universe!  Hope you enjoy them too.  Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!!  🙂

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Miracles, Music and Meditation

Oops we did it again…we dropped another song!! But even more than that, read this beautiful, heartfelt post by Miriam Blaker of Out an’ About. I think we all can relate to her words and message. I join her in wishing you all love and light and a heart filled with music…enjoy!

Out an' About

Life is like an open Gratitude Journal, a story of abundance and hope, just waiting to be written.

This is my journal with pages still blank, dreams still unfulfilled and hopes wrapped up waiting to unfold.

It’s a beautiful, exciting, scary time.

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As some of you know, the other night I was accompanied home by a Praying Mantis.  My dear friend Shiva of theshivasponder informed me that in India, where he lives, the Praying Mantis is called the Shiva’s Horse.

So in honor of my friend and fellow blogger, I officially name this Praying Mantis, Shiva!

Shiva came home with me on Thursday night, he rode on the hood of my car.  Upon arriving home, I put him where my shrubs are, I thought he’d like it there.  Shiva does seem to like it there and he has visited each shrub and bush in the garden.  I was hoping the drive home on my hood caused him no damage to his legs and as you can see in the video, Shiva seems to be moving without issue.

At one point in this recording, Shiva lifts up his body and looks right at the camera, just as he did the other night.  I think he might have a career in Hollywood.  Funny, I noticed that his eyes were green now whereas the other night they were black.  They must change color between daytime and nighttime.

I checked on him again today and he’s quite happy, as I can hear him singing, probably practicing for his movie debut.  The sound you hear in the recording, I believe, is coming from Shiva, if you can hear it, it’s a cricket sound.   I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do…it still makes me smile when I think about how it all happened…and especially the symbolism.



onceuponahotflash, 2017


There seems to be a tradition around here when it snows, to race to the grocery store and stock up on bread, milk & eggs.  Now I grant you, it’s a big storm and we’ll be hunkered down all day.  There will be no safe streets to travel and we won’t be able to grocery shop.  However, tomorrow, the roads open back up, as do the stores.  So what is everyone, who stockpiled the bread, milk, and eggs, doing with them on this snowy day?  I want to know!

Is there a bread, milk, eggs party that I was not invited to?  How would I get there?  The roads are impassible!  Is there a secret recipe I’m unaware of?  Hmmm, French Toast maybe?  Fried egg sandwich with milk as a side?  Scrambled eggs & toast?

All I know is, according to last night’s news report, there was grocery store after convenience store after corner store with depleted shelves of bread, milk, and eggs.  Uh-oh, I did not stop and buy any, nor do I have any now.  How will I survive this storm?

Are these staples somehow helpful in the removal of snow?  Is that why everyone hoards them?  Do they have hidden, magical powers I’m not privy to?  Further investigation required.

Or, have the grocery store conglomerates brain-washed us subliminally into thinking, when we hear snow…”must buy bread, milk, eggs”?  Have we become Stepford Wives?

If you happen to be one of the purchasers of the bread, milk, & eggs for this snowstorm, please tell me, what are you doing with them today?  Much thanks!!

Everyone stay safe and have a yummy day!!

current conditions


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I have great admiration for sewers (not the underground pipes that drain away water, although now that I think about it, I do admire, or perhaps it’s appreciate, them too) no, those who sew with needles and machines.  I can sew buttons and hems.  I’ve even made an A-line skirt in high school, it didn’t really fit right but the material was pretty!!  I digress, to me it’s an art, a skill.  I also admire knitters, again I’ve crocheted and knitted my fair amount of scarves and potholders, but never graduated to afghans (not the hound) or anything as great.

I wonder though, and this is my question today, do they or anyone EVER use that piece of thread that is included when you buy clothing?  I can’t bring myself to toss it.  I have a bag full of threads to clothes I probably don’t even have anymore.  When I first see the packaged piece of thread I think, fantastic!, but only for a moment, then I think huh, I’ll never ever use this piece of thread.  Is it even enough?  What am I to use it for?  A hole?  A tear?  A hem?  Not sure.  And then, I go add it to my bag of other threads and get on with my day!!

Please tell me, have you ever used that piece of thread?  If so, I admire you too!!  🙂

Wishing you a threadful day!



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Tis the Night Before Christmas…

Tis the night before Christmas
I sit here and wait
Thanking God for my blessings
And praise Him so great

His mercy is plenty
He fills me with grace
His love is unending
I feel His embrace


I ask for His guidance
To love as He does
And offer my service
To be as He was

I’m ever so grateful
To share every day
And say that I’m thankful
For what comes my way.

May You Be Blessed With The Spirit of Christmas!

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Always remember how much you matter!  Take care of yourself as you would someone you love very much.  For some reason we are very good at giving others great advice or even taking such great care of others, but neglect ourselves.  It’s so important for you to let your self know that you care about you, that you matter to you and that you are going to take care of you.

You know it’s time TO HONOR YOURSELF and let go when:

what used to make you feel happy now makes you feel sad.

what used to make you feel good now makes you feel bad.

what used to make you feel excited now makes you feel dread.

what used to make you feel satisfied now makes you feel drained.


Don’t be afraid of new beginnings.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown.

Don’t be afraid of failing, because you won’t, believe in you!

If you’re not happy where you are now then it’s time to honor yourself and let go of what no longer serves you!  You CAN do it, you will succeed and be fine and probably way happier than you are now!  You’ve waited long enough, the time is now!

If you hate to go to bed at night because it means the next morning will come and you will have to face another undesirable day then it’s time for letting go!  Rid yourself of whatever it is that is causing you such pain and distress.  You don’t deserve it, you would tell others the same if they were in your position, so listen, take care of yourself, do what is necessary to be happy again.  Life is too short and God did not intend for us to live an unhappy life.

Honor yourself.  How?  By listening to you and if something is making you unhappy, change it.  Comfort yourself, care about how you are feeling and let yourself know that you matter, you are going to change the situation and that you will once again be joyous and look forward to each morning and night!

My friend, it’s time for letting go!

It’s time to Honor Yourself!!


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