“The Space of Now is the Space of I” (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.

Today’s twist: include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.

“The Space of Now is the Space of I”…Eckhart Tolle

I watched a most fascinating interview with Eckhart Tolle the author of The Power of Now.  He asked the interviewer the question “is there any ingredient in your life experiences that has always been the same?”

He then tells the interviewer to stop thinking and to experience the now, the alert presence.  Thought cannot tolerate the state of presence, it will always come in and add something.  It wants to control what “this” all means.  Let go for a moment with the need to understand anything.  Try it right now.  Think of nothing.  You are the space, the presence.

Can you feel that your body is alive inside?  Can you feel the vibrations of the cells and molecules racing through your body?  Stay with that and perceive yourself, your inner self.  If a thought does come into your mind, simply watch the thought, don’t follow the thought, just watch it and let it go.  In the same way you would observe the outer world you can observe the inner world.  There is no need to be drawn into every thought, you can experiment with thought.  Play with your thoughts, you are bigger than your thoughts.  Thoughts can create unnecessary problems and obscure life!  Enjoy the now, with no thoughts even for a few minutes.

It’s the awakening of something within you that is already there, but it is deeper than thought.  Let go of the need to understand anything…just for now, just in this now.  This should be practiced daily, the more often it’s practiced the better we are able to go to that inner dimension and truly realize the now, the “I” within.

When you are truly listening there is an alert spaciousness, otherwise you are not truly listening.  For example, if I were to raise a finger slowly and say listen and you listen there’s a moment of spaciousness, awareness and there’s no thought in it.  When you are really listening you are at attention and there is no thought in your mind.

Something timeless deep within will always be there untouched by time.  Who am “I”?  Do not look for yourself in your thoughts or circumstances because they always change.  The underlying “I” does not change.  How do you get in touch with “I”?  Thoughts and circumstances come and go, the one thing that never goes is “I”, the presence of what I am.   The “I” that you are is Space, it’s not lifeness it is life.  As you become more familiar with the dimension of “I” you have a sense of aliveness and peace in the background.  The timeless “I” is always there.

The “I” is not something, the “I” is no thing…the “I” is the essence of who we are, we have no shape, no form and no name.   The “I” is the consciousness that we are.

When you sit still and exist only in the now and stop your thoughts, you will feel your inner body.  Your thinking slows down, there might even be little spaces between thoughts, the mind is calming down.  You will start having new thoughts, new ideas, creativity will set in.  You access a dimension deeper in yourself than the mind, there is some space between thoughts which allows you to relate to others and yourself more easily.

The more you practice this “alert stillness”, “alert spaciousness”, inhabiting your internal body you will feel more alive.  Your inner body loves the attention.  Attention is consciousness and energy and your body embraces and thrives from this.  Lack of this may create your body to become ill.

Thoughts are like clouds passing, you don’t have to follow every thought you can let it drift by.   The goal is to live from the “aware presence”, the now.  If you are in touch with the fullness of life, are open to the present moment, what you receive is a gratitude for “what is” whatever that is.  There is a goodness to “what is” when you are aligned with the present moment.  You experience life when you become present, because the present is always enough.  You will experience a peace in your life and an intensity of being alive.  “The Space of Now is the Space of I.”

The majority of the words and descriptions are those of Mr. Tolle, there is so much more that he says in the interview that might interest you.  Here is the YouTube link to watch the interview, ironically it’s definitely food for thought!  https://youtu.be/KopmSpe33Eg

Twelve! (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: Where did you live when you were 12 years old?

Today’s twist: pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences as you compose your response about the home you lived in when you were twelve.

When I was twelve the five of us lived in a three bedroom ranch, my mother, father, sister, brother and me.  Oh yes and our dog, King!  I was the youngest, the baby of the family.  This was the house I grew up in.  It seemed big to me when I was young but when I pass it now it seems small.  It shrunk.  It certainly was so much larger, wasn’t it?  The house, the lot, the trees my mind remembers it bigger than my eyes see it today.

My sister, the oldest, was an outstanding athlete, my brother, the middle child, loved the drums and cars, my mom and dad loved each other and us.  I loved entertaining.

I also lived in the land where dreams came true, happily ever after existed and The Monkees!  (My very first concert was The Monkees).  We would ride our bikes for hours on end in the cellar listening to The Monkees.  Around and around and around.  We would change direction after awhile to keep it interesting.  Davy, of course, was my favorite.

I remember we had a round barrel made of strong cardboard trimmed in metal it stood about 4 feet high.  We would lay it on its side, climb in and push each other around the cellar.  Tip, do not hold onto the edge because as you turn a full circle you run over your fingertips!  OUCH!!

The Fort!  My father and brother built what looked like a shed but inside were two cots one above the other.  Bunk Beds.  We would take turns inviting a friend over to sleep in the fort.  We felt so grown-up sleeping out there.  It was a blast!

So grateful!  I was very fortunate to have had a happy childhood with wonderful parents and siblings.  I have lots of memories to make me smile and laugh out loud.  The miles may separate us but the love is always right here.

Twelve was a very good year!!!

Mike, Mickey, Peter & Davy

Mike, Mickey, Peter & Davy


Extra Special Sundays (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

Today’s twist: Tell the story in your own distinct voice.

Every Sunday morning we would go to church and after church was Sunday School, but sometimes there was no Sunday School and on those magical mornings we (my sister, brother and I) accompanied my mother and grandmother to The City Lunchcity for breakfast.  Normally my mother and grandmother would go there while we were at Sunday School to pass the time.

It was a huge treat to go there, they had the BEST English Muffins.  They would grill theirs not toast them, put lots of butter on and have jelly available.  Along with the English muffins I would have a chocolate milk and of course it was the best tasting chocolate milk ever!

It was an old trolley car converted into a diner, it was small, unassuming and delicious.  As you entered up the stairs, walked thru the door you faced the counter which was lined with round, cushioned stools wrapped in ribbed chrome and they would spin.  I know this because I remember spinning them.  We would turn right, walk past some booths then turn left take a few more steps and into a booth, sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left.  It didn’t matter to me which side just as long as we sat in a booth and not at the counter.  Since there were five of us someone always sat in a chair at the end of the table in the aisle.

The waitress would bring the white ceramic coffee cups for the adults and we kids would get water in those clear plastic glasses that had a bumpy finish, kind of like privacy glass in a bathroom.  It was English muffins all around and as a treat chocolate milk with a straw!  We were wearing our Sunday best so we had to be careful not to get any on us and we were.  I remember wearing white gloves, a hat, patent leather shoes, my Sunday dress and white ankle socks.  I felt so grown-up when we went out to breakfast, not the six, seven or eight years old that I was.  Every Sunday was special but these were Extra Special Sundays!!

It’s a memory embedded in my mind that I will always treasure and think of with great fondness.

More Than Just a Small, Red Sweater (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.

Today’s twist: write the scene from three different points of view: from the perspective of the man, then the woman, and finally the old woman.

It was the first day summer, time to get some exercise.  I grabbed Lois by the hand and said let’s go enjoy the outdoors, take a walk through the park.  I always walk too fast for Lois, if it weren’t for my holding her hand she’d be way behind me.  I slow down and check out the scenery, what is everybody doing today, I wonder.  There are skateboarders racing up and down the ramps over at the skate park, I see others grilling hot dogs and burgers by the picnic tables, kids swimming in the lake along side the swans, ducks and even a few dogs fetching balls out of the water.  As we pass the refreshment stand I glance over, is she sitting there knitting the small, red sweater, she is.  My eyes fill with tears and I begin to cry…

Clark and I strolled through the park on a most glorious day.  The sun was shining, birds were chirping, there was a slight hint of lilac in the soft summer breeze.  Clark held my hand with his strong grip, I always felt so safe with him, so protected.  I could see the beautiful small lake in the middle of the park with benches going all the way around it.  Everyone had a front row view to the swans, ducks and geese that would frolic in the water.  I saw her sitting on the bench near the refreshment stand, all alone knitting a small, red sweater.  I remember when she first started it, I wondered what she would create with that vibrant red yarn.  As I glanced at Clark I noticed he too was watching her, his eyes filled with tears and then he began to cry…

Alright Martha where are your knitting needles, yarns and basket, silly me I can never remember where I put them last.  I want to go to the park and work on that small, red sweater some more.  It’s so beautiful out, I love the activity going on around me as I knit, it’s peaceful and comforting sitting there.  Funny how I always refer to myself by name when I am looking for something.  Oh here they are…ok let’s go.  I hope I get my usual bench near the refreshment stand where the ladies room is.  I love the smell of the popcorn and the fried dough and of course I must get myself a little treat while I’m there.  Oh super my bench is vacant, quick let’s sit down and knit.  Ahhh, there’s something about the first day of a new season, it’s special, like a fresh start, a new beginning.  Just like this small, red sweater, it’s for someone very special.  Hmmm, the arms are always the hardest part to do, but I’ve learned that new trick for attaching them so that will help when putting these pieces together.  All these people out and about, I wonder if they will be here today?  Oh look, there they are…Lois…Clark…come here.

Oh Clark, why are you crying my son?  Every time you see me knitting this small, red sweater for your soon to be newborn son, you cry!  Do you think he will have your super powers?  That is, afterall, why I am knitting a RED sweater…  😉


Red yarn and needles

Skippys Peanuts (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: Go to a local café, park, or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind.  Today’s twist: write an adverb-free post.

At lunchtime I go outside to drop peanuts for the neighborhood squirrels.  I cluck cluck cluck with my tongue and they stop what they are doing, which is chasing each other up and down trees, digging holes to hide peanuts or find what they have hidden, look at me and come running.  They know I have peanuts or walnuts, we have become friends, some trust me more than others which is displayed by how close they come to get their snack.


I call them Skippys, I forget why.  One Skippy was stretched out on a gray, leafless tree branch screeching as I approached.  I didn’t know if it was a mating call or a distress call, but it was a low-pitched sound that lasted a few seconds, I thought it was coming from a bird, he kept repeating it.  With each screech I could see his teeth, his cheeks would puff out as his breath pushed out the sound, perhaps he was scolding me because I was late and he was hungry.

I have learned that they have terrible eyesight, I toss peanuts at them and if the peanut doesn’t land within inches of them they can’t find it.  I was sitting in my office on the second floor and a Skippy climbed up a large tree-like bush which extends up the side of the brick building and swung himself onto the window ledge.  I looked up, saw him, waved to him and he dove at the window to enter the room, bounced off the window did a back flip into the bush and landed on the ground.  OMG the poor thing, I laughed so hard and felt so bad at the same time.  It was hilarious.  Yes I went outside to see if he was okay, he was!  The brown grass had softened with the warming temperatures plus the bush helped to catch him.

Some have scars on their fur, theirs ears are tattered, but they are cute and playful.  I know when there are newbies because they have to learn the routine and are afraid of me in the beginning.  I can tell them apart, some are skinny, others chubby, some skiddish, others bold and I know that the Skippys this year are not the same Skippys of last year.  And I leave it at that!




Left, Right? (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

Today’s twist: write your post in the form of a dialogue.

This is the difference between the left and right brain, aka Ego versus Nirvana.

The left brain is our logical thinker, it remembers our past and contemplates our future.  It’s our language, it filters and processes all data.  It’s our intellect, our decision maker, our ability to think sequentially, methodically, our ability to communicate with the outside world.  Our Ego!

The right brain lives in the here and now, the present and only the present.  The right is the fun, free-loving spirit it’s creative, joyful and amazed by colors, shapes, and sizes.  It’s our awareness, our appreciation, our context of everything, our intuition, our witness, our observer, our ability to experience deep inner peace.  Our Nirvana!

Alarm rings, it’s time to get up…

Ego – “ugh, time to get up already? (sigh), hmmm what am I gonna wear today, I don’t have a thing!  Those darn birds are waking me up again, every morning…tweet, tweet, tweet,  ya, ya enough already.  That’s what I like about winter, no early birds tweetin’…Oh man! is it raining?  Rats, now I’m gonna get all wet, it’s dreary out, I don’t know where my umbrella is…That light on the smoke detector is so annoying and these flimsy shades don’t keep the light out, I’m going to have to buy new ones…ya right in my spare time!  Alright let’s go, gotta get to work, yuck!”

Nirvana – “oh I’m so comfy and warm, (yawn) hmmm what should I wear today?  I’m feeling pink and black, yeah, pink and black, oh with maybe a pop of yellow!  Listen to that bird chirping, what a pretty song, oh wait there’s more birds, awe their all singing, how lovely.  Is it raining?  I love the sound of the raindrops on the roof, it’s so soothing, like a lullaby.  I love how high the ceilings are in here, there’s so much space and that light on the smoke detector looks like a star in the heavens above.   It’s getting brighter in here, funny how the light peeks thru the shades and out from the sides greeting me to this beautiful new day.  Alright let’s go, can’t wait to get to work, yay!”

Our Brain

Ego versus Nirvana


The good news is, we can take control of our brain, we can be responsible for the path our brain takes, we can set the rules and the way that we interact not only within ourselves but with others too.   The Ego cells are about the size of a peanut in our brain, certainly we can control something the size of a peanut.  So when we feel that negativity start to creep in we can just tell those Ego cells, I’m not playing that game anymore, go away Ego I prefer Nirvana.  We can choose to be positive over negative, we are in control!  It’s true freedom!!

Nirvana wins the debate!!!


Thank you for my Rainbow! (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?  Today’s twist: Turn your post into a character study.

OMG this is so easy! that was the very first thought that went through my head and here’s why ~ she is the very reason I sit here now and blog.

Todd introduced me to Debbie as my new Fedex rep, but Todd I don’t want a new rep I like you.  I know, said Todd, but you two have a lot in common, she likes fashion too, she even has a website.  She’s written a book, she does a fashion spot on tv, I think you will like her.  Whatever!

Debbie was pleasant enough, but I liked Todd.  As time went by and I had shipping questions Debbie was kind about resolving them for me, ok so she was nice.  Now and then she would pop into the office to say hi and be sure we were satisfied with their service.  Hmmm she was always dressed so fashionably, she was upbeat and positive, maybe I’ll check out her website and see what she’s all about.

Project Closet is the website, she’s an author, a tv and radio personality, a representative for a very prestigious car dealership, she does various fundraisers for many worthy causes, she speaks at conferences, is the host of many fashion shows, is a major advocate for women, not to mention she’s a wife and a mother of twins…wow where does she find the time?  I’m impressed.

I started following her on Facebook and then one day she invited me to one of her tv shoots.  I was beyond nervous about going, I almost didn’t go because I was so nervous and shy about it, but I gathered up my courage and went to the shoot.  That was the beginning of the change in my life!!!

She’s about 5’6″, slender, pretty, in shape and then there’s her soul. It’s the colors of the rainbow.  Red ~ full of love for life, Orange ~ always optimistic, Yellow ~ yearning to learn new things, Green ~ grateful for all things, Blue ~ for the many blessings she receives and bestows, Purple ~ inspiring others with her positivity, Fuchsia ~ being a friend to all.

rainbowShe turned me onto TUT-Notes from the Universe, I love it!  That began the creation of my rainbow, I started to listen to Joel Osteen, then Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Abraham (Esther Hicks), Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra.  Debbie talked about Guided Angel Meditations, I researched that and every night when I go to bed I listen to my Angel Meditations.  I became insatiable for positive inspirations, being so grateful for everything and was so totally amazed at the change in my attitude and more than that, my life.

So much so that I want to spread that positivity and gratefulness to others.  During my research and discoveries I came upon a saying that said Dare to Live Your Dream, it’s become my mantra, well along with a zillion others, and I’m doing it.  Side note: a couple of weeks ago there was a Super Moon and it was suggested that the energy in the Universe was supercharged so it was a good time to write down some affirmations and send them out to the Universe.  I did, I wrote 150 affirmations.  Ok so I get carried away in my excitement at times!  Ya think… 🙂

For some reason when I started to go thru menopause I became addicted to shopping on tv.  I hate shopping or at least I used to, especially if I had to go to the store.  This was so convenient, the choices were many and I could sit in my pj’s on my couch eating my chocolate chocolate chip ice cream and order a sweater, pants, pocketbook, shoes and makeup in no time flat!  I loved it…and wouldn’t you know the very channel I had never watched until menopause kicked in would also become the same channel Debbie would be a regular guest on to represent a clothing line!  That was a journey we shared and for her very first airing we traveled there together, it was beyond amazing!  I met my favorite designer, we took a selfie together, this was my Disneyland for the day… it was a Dream Come True, for each of us.

1398515967844I say thank you everyday, count my blessings, and am forever grateful for the Rainbow that came into my life, showed me a world that is most beautiful, wonderful and glorious and how to be grateful for it all!  I love you my friend!!  xoxo


My Rainbow