After I fill the bird feeders and bird bath I come inside, sit at my window and am entertained by God’s creatures.  They are sooo fun to watch, it’s better than tv!  I didn’t even realize Mrs. Cardinal was sitting on the branch as I was talking about Mr. Cardinal and Mr. & Mrs. Blue Jay showed up too.  It was as if they knew their cue when to appear in the video…gotta love the Universe!  Hope you enjoy them too.  Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!!  🙂

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My dear friend PJ, also know as Priceless Joy of Beautiful Words, inspired me to buy a bird feeder.  She was talking about putting her hummingbird feeder out and I thought hmmm, I’ve never had a bird feeder, that sounds lovely, I want one.

Perhaps part of my desire for one was in hopes of being forgiven by the bird world.  Why?  Last week I killed a bird…yup, I’m ashamed of myself and I want to serve my penance.

These birds hangout around our box planters at work.  They are so cute and tiny.  I say good morning to them everyday.  I have roasted peanuts in my car that I feed to the squirrels and decided to drop a few for the birds to eat.  I would crush the shell so the birds wouldn’t have to break through it to get to the peanut inside.  One day last week, my favorite bird was sitting on the planter.  He/she is my favorite because he/she is adorably chubby (let’s not even discuss why he/she might be chubby, I couldn’t bear it).  I had already locked my car and was in a hurry to go inside.  I happened to have a couple of candied chocolate eggs, about the size of peanut M&Ms, in my lunch bag, so I dropped two in the planter for him/her to eat.  I thought, oh boy they are going to love these…mmm who doesn’t like chocolate!!  Right?

The next morning I walked into the building and after turning on the lobby light I noticed something dark on the sidewalk outside the front door.  I had not noticed it as I was walking in and would have passed right by it.  It looked like a pile of poop.  I stepped outside to see what it was and alas, it was my chubby friend, dead!  I thought oh no Chubby!  At first I thought, it must have flown into the glass, hit it too hard and died.  I asked one of the men from the warehouse to please dispose of Chubby, gently!!

As I sat at my desk thinking of poor Chubby, my dead friend, it occurred to me that maybe chocolate is not good for birds.  I googled it.  Sure enough chocolate will kill birds, so will the outside candy coating!  Oh no, I killed Chubby!!

As soon as I read that, I ran down to the planter to see if the eggs were there.  They were, however the candied coating was gone and just the chocolate remained.  It had rained the night before and I thought, maybe the rain washed away the coating, but parts of the eggs still had some coating on them.  I immediately removed the remainder of the eggs so as not to harm anymore birds.

Each morning as I pass the birds, I swear they are afraid of me, saying there she is, Chubby’s assassin.  I look at them and say “I’m so sorry, please forgive me, it was an accident, who knew?”

Here is a similar picture of the bird feeder I hung last night in honor of Chubby!


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(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016