Today I went to buy some eyeglasses.  I went to a small, locally owned store in the next town over and proceeded to try on every pair of frames in the store.  I like to make sure I’m sure!!  😉  I’ve narrowed it down, but did not make a purchase today.  These are the frames that are at the top of my list…right now!


While I was there, a young woman came in, we’ll call her Hope.  She asked the owner, we’ll call him Lancelot, if he would be able to adjust her glasses.  Hope explained that she had fallen asleep with them on and they bent.  She asked if he could fix them and he said sure!

Hope went on to share that she had stopped at a national, well known eyeglass store prior to arriving here and that when she presented her glasses to the woman at the store, we’ll call her Venom, Venom was very rude to her.  Venom berated Hope for buying her eye wear online and made Hope feel so bad that she left the store.

Lancelot was stunned at Venom’s remarks, as was I.  He said it didn’t matter where the glasses came from and that he would gladly fix them.

While Lancelot was working on the frames, we were commenting on Venom’s insulting manner.  Hope was trying to contain her emotions but could not and began to sob.  She was so upset by Venom’s brashness.  Venom made this lovely young lady feel so small and ashamed of herself for having bought glasses online.  Imagine, the horror of it all, buying glasses online!  Seriously Venom?  Your attitude needs adjusting!!!

We comforted Hope and told her not to let Venom ruin her day, that Venom was wrong and discourteous.

Perhaps Venom was having a bad day, however, her harsh words to Hope were unnecessary.  Who knows what ramifications could have come from Venom’s intolerant attitude.

Good news, Hope’s glasses are all fixed.  I only wish we could have repaired her hurt.

(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016