I have been learning and practicing how to manifest.  In listening to Abraham Hicks, it’s easier to manifest that which you have no resistance to.  Saturday, on my way to the grocery store I was thinking about what I could manifest that I have no resistance to.  I decided that I had no resistance to seeing an Eagle.  In fact, I had seen an Eagle on my way to work a couple of times this year.  So I thought…okay Universe I have no resistance to seeing Eagles, so show me an Eagle please.  On my way home from shopping I wondered if I would see an Eagle…I did not.  Sunday I went to the store, which is in the opposite direction from the way I travel to work, and something in the sky caught my eye.  I thought, hmmm is that an Eagle???  I pulled my car over, the Eagle had perched on top of a pole.  I pulled out my phone and started recording, this is what I saw….as he flew away I thought, wow yesterday I asked to see an Eagle…I manifested this!!!


How cool is that!

You can manifest too!!


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