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“The Space of Now is the Space of I” (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.

Today’s twist: include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.

“The Space of Now is the Space of I”…Eckhart Tolle

I watched a most fascinating interview with Eckhart Tolle the author of The Power of Now.  He asked the interviewer the question “is there any ingredient in your life experiences that has always been the same?”

He then tells the interviewer to stop thinking and to experience the now, the alert presence.  Thought cannot tolerate the state of presence, it will always come in and add something.  It wants to control what “this” all means.  Let go for a moment with the need to understand anything.  Try it right now.  Think of nothing.  You are the space, the presence.

Can you feel that your body is alive inside?  Can you feel the vibrations of the cells and molecules racing through your body?  Stay with that and perceive yourself, your inner self.  If a thought does come into your mind, simply watch the thought, don’t follow the thought, just watch it and let it go.  In the same way you would observe the outer world you can observe the inner world.  There is no need to be drawn into every thought, you can experiment with thought.  Play with your thoughts, you are bigger than your thoughts.  Thoughts can create unnecessary problems and obscure life!  Enjoy the now, with no thoughts even for a few minutes.

It’s the awakening of something within you that is already there, but it is deeper than thought.  Let go of the need to understand anything…just for now, just in this now.  This should be practiced daily, the more often it’s practiced the better we are able to go to that inner dimension and truly realize the now, the “I” within.

When you are truly listening there is an alert spaciousness, otherwise you are not truly listening.  For example, if I were to raise a finger slowly and say listen and you listen there’s a moment of spaciousness, awareness and there’s no thought in it.  When you are really listening you are at attention and there is no thought in your mind.

Something timeless deep within will always be there untouched by time.  Who am “I”?  Do not look for yourself in your thoughts or circumstances because they always change.  The underlying “I” does not change.  How do you get in touch with “I”?  Thoughts and circumstances come and go, the one thing that never goes is “I”, the presence of what I am.   The “I” that you are is Space, it’s not lifeness it is life.  As you become more familiar with the dimension of “I” you have a sense of aliveness and peace in the background.  The timeless “I” is always there.

The “I” is not something, the “I” is no thing…the “I” is the essence of who we are, we have no shape, no form and no name.   The “I” is the consciousness that we are.

When you sit still and exist only in the now and stop your thoughts, you will feel your inner body.  Your thinking slows down, there might even be little spaces between thoughts, the mind is calming down.  You will start having new thoughts, new ideas, creativity will set in.  You access a dimension deeper in yourself than the mind, there is some space between thoughts which allows you to relate to others and yourself more easily.

The more you practice this “alert stillness”, “alert spaciousness”, inhabiting your internal body you will feel more alive.  Your inner body loves the attention.  Attention is consciousness and energy and your body embraces and thrives from this.  Lack of this may create your body to become ill.

Thoughts are like clouds passing, you don’t have to follow every thought you can let it drift by.   The goal is to live from the “aware presence”, the now.  If you are in touch with the fullness of life, are open to the present moment, what you receive is a gratitude for “what is” whatever that is.  There is a goodness to “what is” when you are aligned with the present moment.  You experience life when you become present, because the present is always enough.  You will experience a peace in your life and an intensity of being alive.  “The Space of Now is the Space of I.”

The majority of the words and descriptions are those of Mr. Tolle, there is so much more that he says in the interview that might interest you.  Here is the YouTube link to watch the interview, ironically it’s definitely food for thought!  https://youtu.be/KopmSpe33Eg