Lillian Rose Lee (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: write about finding something.

I found myself.

For the past couple of years, I have been on a self-exploration journey.  Since the onset of menopause I am definitely going thru changes.   To call it “The Change” is truly an understatement for me.  It’s more of a metamorphosis, a new beginning, a new me.  I have certainly transformed into a different person than who I was.  I like who I am becoming.

I have been listening on YouTube to Tony Robbins, Joel Osteen, Louise Hay, Abraham (Esther Hicks), Oprah interviews with Jill Bolte Taylor, Eckhart Tolle, it seems every few days I discover someone new.  I search for people with positive outlooks on life, inspiring me to become a better me.  A more grateful me, an appreciative me, a more thankful for my blessings me.  I start each day by saying “Today is Going to be a Great Day” and not just saying it but believing it.

I have experienced such a shift in my life.  These inspirational people gave me the confidence to create my own blog and to start writing.  I love it!  I have decided to start writing a book, a few pages each day and it excites me so just to consider it.  A dear friend told me to enjoy the journey, that although getting there is the goal, don’t miss out on all the experiences along the way.

However in all honesty, I have been working alot since last Fall and the past few months have been overwhelming.  My assistant has been out on medical leave so I have been doing both our jobs in addition to working part-time for a CPA during tax season.  I’m exhausted.  The exhaustion and this brutal winter have led to my feeling sorry for myself at times and losing sight of feeling grateful for all that I have and to be so thankful always, until tonight.

I watched Giuliana Rancic interview Michelle Knight.  Michelle had been kidnapped at the age of 21 and held captive for more than 10 years.  The horrendous moments she had to suffer through day in and day out slapped me in the face and shook me out of my funk.  Seriously, so I’m a little tired and overworked, how grateful I am that I am not beaten daily and fed once a week.  Wow was that a wake up call.

I am back on track, so grateful for all that I have, so thankful for my job, so lucky to be able to write.  So tonight I found me again!  Michelle changed her name to Lillian Rose Lee as a new beginning for her new life.  Thank you Lillian Rose Lee you are such an inspiration, I am so blessed!!

  Lillian Rose Lee

Lillian Rose Lee