wpid-imag1170.jpgWeep no more my Willow tree
Your tears drop one by one
Your haunting beauty soon to be
Asleep til Winter’s done

Likes notes of a song that linger and stay
Your harmonious hues hang on
Soon on the ground your leaves will lay
Your melody all but gone

A golden pool atop the grass
How pretty yet how sad
Your luscious green is gone alas
Now looking oh so drab

A blue jay flutters on your limb
Causing you to shed
This is a struggle you will not win
The time has come for bed



I watch you weep before mewillow2
Quietly without a sound
Soon dormancy absorbs thee
Your leaves come lilting down

But don’t you fret my Willow dear
It’s time for no more weeping
Although you stand now stark & bare
Your sorrow will soon be sleeping

Rousing once again in Spring
Draped in glorious splendor
Hearing Willow as you sing
Your weeping oh so tender