Poetry 101, Day 5: Freedom

Photo by Impossiblebebong

Photo by Impossiblebebong


I don’t take freedom lightly
Not even very slightly
Lives have been taken
Homes have been shaken

All in the name of Freedom

It was a beautiful sunny day
When it suddenly all turned gray
Without warning rapture came
Would I ever be the same?

Fireballs in the sky exploded
Life as we knew it now eroded
Shocked that what we saw was real
How in the world could we ever heal?

A day so tragic from the start
Forever will it stand apart
What a senseless, ruthless tragedy
Hating us because we’re free

Free to pursue our wildest dreams
Free to believe whatever it seems
Some think that theirs is the only way
So they killed one sad, sad day

Freedom is a luxury
Afforded both to you and me
Go inside your mind to dwell
Live in Freedom, not in hell

I say a prayer at nine eleven
Knowing that they’re all in heaven
Hoping that their soul’s at rest
And wish their families my very best

(c) Deb/2015