Since I decided to write a blog and start Our Daily Grateful Post, I have been listening, on YouTube, to all sorts of inspirational videos.  I have listened to Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Joel Osteen, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, and the list goes on.  Each talking about how to be successful in life, live your dream, how you attract what you think, be positive and so on.

I often hear the question ‘What is your passion’?  I have given it a lot of thought and I don’t think I have anything that I am passionate about.  I like my blog, I like to write posts, poems and songs, I like to organize things, but am I passionate about any of them, I don’t think so.

So of course now I’m worried.  Uh-oh, I don’t have anything I’m passionate about.  How do I know what I should be doing with my life if I’m not passionate about something?  What is my goal?  Well in all honesty, my goal is to stay home.  I love my home, I have just moved here a little less than two years ago and I absolutely love living here.  I was living on a very busy street, sirens, trucks, motorcycles, cars, dogs barking…you name it and there was a constant sound of something.  Not to mention my house was broken into three times.  Now I live on a very safe, quiet, dead-end street and all I hear are birds, it’s fabulous!

Not long after my move here my job changed drastically.  My assistant retired, her replacement, a wonderful person, has had passionnumerous health issues and has only worked half of the time required, which has been a nightmare for me.  We also took on some new business which ended becoming my responsibility.  It’s been a year and a half since my job became awful!  I hate going to work everyday and with loving my home so much, it makes it even harder to leave each morning.

I have become one big ball of anxiety, day in and day out.  I’ve been trying to start each day in a positive way, ‘something wonderful is going to happen today‘, ‘today’s going to be a great day’, ‘thank you God for your blessings and favors today’ but not long after I arrive at my desk I’m overwhelmed and in tears.  I have to do something.  I’ve been looking online for jobs, but what do I want to do?  Do I want to continue in the same field I’ve been in for 35 years or do I want to find out what my passion is so I can do that and LOVE going to work each day?  Hence my journey to figure out just what my passion is!

After reading that definition, I wonder if maybe I love my job after all!  😉

In all honesty, my passion is to stay home.  I’m tired, I want to rest, I need time off, time to renew and rejuvenate.  Perhaps a year off would be helpful, then maybe I could join the workforce again and enjoy it once more.  Doing what though?  That thought permeates my mind.  What do I do?  I cannot afford to take a year off, so as wonderful as that sounds, it won’t happen.   If I do leave my current job they would need at least a 6 months notice, since I’m the wearer of all hats and it’s a small business, two weeks would just not be sufficient.

I have been playing the lottery on a more regular basis, since I see that as my only way out.

Back to my original thought…I don’t seem to have anything that I am really passionate about and I find myself asking…is that okay?  Have I listened to too many self-help books, uplifting stories, go live your dream, be successful, make a plan?  Have I been so uplifted and inspired that it has depressed me because I’m not living up to my (their) expectations?  I truly think so.

I shall continue to ponder this and figure out my next steps.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, please, tell me…are you passionate about something?  If so, are you doing what you are passionate about?


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In the Vortex with Abraham (Writing 101)

If I could zoom anywhere I would be in the Vortex with Abraham.  Where is the Vortex and who is Abraham you ask?  The Vortex and Abraham are a nonphysical place, also known as Source.  It is the vibrational place you want to get your mind in alignment with, you create your own reality.  When you have thoughts the thoughts send out a vibration into the Universe and then the vibration returns to you.  For example if you have a positive thought then positivity will be returned to you, if you have a negative thought then negativity will be returned to you.

You literally create your own reality.  It’s quite simple in its concept but more difficult in its application.  I listen to “Abraham” which is the name for this reality and Abraham channels through Esther Hicks.  She has held numerous conferences worldwide and is a master at channeling Abraham.  We are Abraham once we reach the vibrational alignment also called the Vortex.  So when you seem to be having a great day that just keeps getting better and better and you’re all giddy about it…it’s because you are sending out positive vibrations and are receiving positive vibrations back which then cause you to have more positive vibrations and those are sent out to the Universe and of course more are sent back to you.  Have you ever had such a spectacular day and you just never want it to end?  That’s why.

On the flip side have you ever had such a bad day and it just goes from bad to worse.  That was my day today by the way…anyways you would have started off your day on a negative note and that was sent out to the Universe and then returned to you which then put a damper on an already down day which then sends out another negative vibration and what comes back…yup you guessed it another negative vibration.  It’s a Murphy’s Law kind of day!

So the key is when you start to have a negative thought stop it…move away from the negative thoughts and turn towards positive ones, anything, something that makes you happy, maybe ice cream, ok so that makes me happy!  You are trying to stop the negativity from going out to the Universe and replacing it with something positive to send out.  You might think it sounds easy to do, try it, try to be positive when negative things are happening around you, it’s very trying but once you have honed this craft of moving into the Vortex and being in alignment with Abraham you can then create your own reality and live life on your terms.

Another part of Abraham is saying Affirmations.  Think of an affirmation as a seed you plant and eventually it grows and blooms and you have a flower, it is something that currently does not exist but you say and act as if it does.  For example, I am a much sought after writer.  That is an affirmation that is not currently true, but now that I have sent it out to the Universe and if I believe it is true I will eventually create my own reality.

There is so much more I could say but I’ll wrap things up for now, however if anyone is interested in learning more just look on YouTube for Abraham and/or Esther Hicks, also Louise Hay for more about affirmations.

So although Abraham is not a physical place it is a where I would like to be if I could be anywhere right now at the speed of light!  Zoom, zoom!!