Hot Flash Mania!

I am a raving lunatic
Get the bleep away from me,
I’m having quite the hissy fit
Don’t make me count to three.

I’m vacuuming the house right now
I’m cleaning every stitch,
The sweat is beading off my brow
Here comes that Inner Bitch.

It’s bad enough I have to clean
But really must I Flash,
I’m so effin hot right now
What’s ok to smash?

My neck is sore, my arm is tired
I think I’m gonna cry,
Oh hurry and be done already
Why did I even try.


That is it, I am done!
I’ve put it all away,
I’ll sit down now and regroup some
Oh, I might even play.

I’m cooling back to normal
My temper’s flaring down,
Actually I’m chilly
Why’s my sweater on the ground?

Was I really oh so angry?
Absurdly out of control?
And why is everyone hiding,
Hey, where did you all go?

I’m better now, it’s me again
Please don’t be afraid,
Come on now, step back in
I’ve put away the blade!


(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016