I love Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Crystal Cards….you name it cards!

Even playing cards…  😉

I decided to pull a message for us from my Mystical Wisdom Card Deck, written by Gaye Guthrie and art by Josephine Wall, isn’t her artwork amazingly beautiful!!

(my phone camera doesn’t convey the gorgeousness of these cards)


Our message is “Moving Forward” and our mantra is “I am ready to move forward with confidence”

“Get Ready for Positive Change”

“Situations and events of the past are clearing and making way for positive changes.  Turn the negative experiences into a positive and more rewarding future.  You have the resources and ability to move forward now.  Take a leap of faith knowing that the angels will open doors for you and present a clearer and smoother road ahead.  Don’t let fear or stagnation hold you back”


I like it!  With the New Moon coming on March 6 what better way to start a new beginning, which is what a New Moon represents, than with a positive change moving forward.  If you came across this message and are reading it, this message was meant for you at this time.  I hope it resonates with you and inspires you.

Now get out there and leap!


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