654…my word count…cool! (Writing 101)

Day Nineteen: Don’t Stop the Rockin’

Today is a free writing day. Write at least four-hundred words, and once you start typing, don’t stop. No self-editing, no trash-talking, and no second guessing: just go. Bonus points if you tackle an idea you’ve been playing with but think is too silly to post about.

I have decided to start posting daily three things that I am grateful for and ask you the reader to leave one thing in the comments section that you are grateful for.  I am hoping that it will inspire people to start each day with a happier, more positive attitude.  That if it could help your day to be a better one then I’ve accomplished my goal.

I started to think about this this morning and it has been rolling around in my mind all day.  Thinking of different ideas and attitudes to join the 3 items.  I would like to post inspirational posters along with the three grateful items.

I find that when I write down what I am grateful for it makes me feel better and I also feel that we should never run out of things to feel grateful for.  On the days when I’m feeling blue and perhaps even start a pity party for myself I find it to be especially helpful.  The more consecutive days that I write gratitudes the more the negativity leaves my mind and the positivity seeps in.  It’s amazing how negativity comes so easily and naturally and positivity is more work.  It should be the other way around and I guess that is what my goal is, to become a totally positive person and leave the negativity behind.

Here’s a random thought, I bought a frozen apple pie and while I was reading the directions I noticed on the box it read “Serving Suggestion: BAKE BEFORE SERVING”…seriously?  Ok who out there is eating the pie frozen, causing this company to decide it is necessary to put that on the box…fess up!!!   I have never eaten a frozen pie frozen before, now that they have put that thought into my head, I’m considering it!  Sure would save alot of time…maybe.

Ok so who is checking the word count at the bottom to see when you reach 400, and who is pausing while writing?  I’m not sensoring my thoughts I am typing what comes into my head next, pretty much.  I actually think this is fun to see where your mind goes and what it has to say.

This is the second to last writing lesson.  This was fun.  I believe I saw that there was a Writing 102 which I am considering signing up for, however I am also going to start doing my own posts as well.  I like having this as an inspiration for things to write about and of course I believe that’s the whole idea.  The best part was getting to make new friends and meet all of you and read your blogs too.  I must admit I have not had the time to read as many as I would like.  I try to catch up on the weekend but as I’m sure yours is, my life is so busy right now!  I love all the stories I’ve read, we are a bunch of very talented individuals and we’re all gonna go far in our writing careers..if that’s what we choose!

Just choose what dream you want to come true in your life and go after it.  If you focus your attention on why it will come true and not why it won’t come true and you truly believe it will come true…then it will!  Go for it!!!

Well I guess that’s my free-writing for tonight.  I was really starting to get on a roll but I think I might have been able to go on forever and ever…I’ll save it for some more blog stories!!

Thanks for reading… Believe in You!!!