what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

(c) onceuponahotflash, 2017




what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

(c) onceuponahotflash, 2017


We’ve often read what people would tell their younger selves.  What would you tell your older self?

Here is what I would tell my older self…

Dear Older Self,

I watch you work so hard every day.  You’re up early, you get dressed and go to work five sometimes six days a week occasionally even seven.  You’re straight out at work with so many responsibilities.  You often get overwhelmed to the brink and over the brink of tears.  You give 110% of yourself,  you take great pride in all that you do.  It matters that it is right and presentable.  You are extremely conscientious about your work, you don’t slack off or let anything slide, it is all important, no matter how small.  Everyone comes to you to “fix” things.  You wear so many hats, you stock the bathroom, empty wastebaskets, prep water cooler bottles, fix copier and printer jams, if there is an electrical issue, a boiler issue, a building maintenance issue, a personnel issue, equipment needs, computer needs, help others download software updates, solve phone problems when they go down, and so much more, everyone comes to you for everything.  Of course then there is your actual job as comptroller, bookkeeper, financial officer, human resources, payroll person, when you have time to do that!

When did you stop dreaming?  When did you stop following your dream?  When did you let your passion go, your zest for life?  When did you give up?  When did you stop having fun?

I’m here to tell you it’s NOT too late.  You can realize your dreams.  You can have new dreams, new desires, a new zest for life, but you must follow my instructions or you will stay in the very rut you are in now.  Ready?

  1.  Play more, work less
  2.  Laugh so hard at things you snort
  3.  Skip or stomp around the house in a fun way
  4.  Sing often and loudly
  5.  Indulge your imagination, get carried away with it
  6.  Watch the Sound of Music and sing along
  7.  Eat your favorite snack and totally enjoy it
  8.  Make snow angels
  9.  Enjoy the simple things for they will give you the most joy
  10.  Go outside, absorb and observe nature
  11.  Put on your favorite music and dance, dance, dance
  12.  Follow your heart
  13.  Dream big dreams for yourself and make them come true!

When we were young you always wanted to be older, now that you are older you wish that we were young, be both!

Take the wisdom that comes with age and meld it with the thrill of being young and create the wise, young at heart, fun-loving you that is just itching to come out and enjoy life again.  No more being bogged down with work!

As a great coach says, do your job and do it well! But I’ll add, don’t let it take you over…as “they” say…life’s too short!!

So my older self you needed this little pep talk, please, come talk to me anytime, I miss you and I’ll remind you how to have fun.  Now go out there skipping, smiling, singing and laughing all the way!!

I love you.

Skippys Peanuts (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: Go to a local café, park, or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind.  Today’s twist: write an adverb-free post.

At lunchtime I go outside to drop peanuts for the neighborhood squirrels.  I cluck cluck cluck with my tongue and they stop what they are doing, which is chasing each other up and down trees, digging holes to hide peanuts or find what they have hidden, look at me and come running.  They know I have peanuts or walnuts, we have become friends, some trust me more than others which is displayed by how close they come to get their snack.


I call them Skippys, I forget why.  One Skippy was stretched out on a gray, leafless tree branch screeching as I approached.  I didn’t know if it was a mating call or a distress call, but it was a low-pitched sound that lasted a few seconds, I thought it was coming from a bird, he kept repeating it.  With each screech I could see his teeth, his cheeks would puff out as his breath pushed out the sound, perhaps he was scolding me because I was late and he was hungry.

I have learned that they have terrible eyesight, I toss peanuts at them and if the peanut doesn’t land within inches of them they can’t find it.  I was sitting in my office on the second floor and a Skippy climbed up a large tree-like bush which extends up the side of the brick building and swung himself onto the window ledge.  I looked up, saw him, waved to him and he dove at the window to enter the room, bounced off the window did a back flip into the bush and landed on the ground.  OMG the poor thing, I laughed so hard and felt so bad at the same time.  It was hilarious.  Yes I went outside to see if he was okay, he was!  The brown grass had softened with the warming temperatures plus the bush helped to catch him.

Some have scars on their fur, theirs ears are tattered, but they are cute and playful.  I know when there are newbies because they have to learn the routine and are afraid of me in the beginning.  I can tell them apart, some are skinny, others chubby, some skiddish, others bold and I know that the Skippys this year are not the same Skippys of last year.  And I leave it at that!